PATRIZIA is founded by Wolfgang Egger in 1984. Originally, Wolfgang Egger wanted to name his company "PATRIZIER" (patrician), in reference to the elegant and opulent townhouses of the patrician merchants in Augsburg. But because this name is trademarked, he called the company PATRIZIA instead. The PATRIZIA logo, often mistaken for a diamond, is a stylised fleur-de-lis and the emblem of the patrician merchants.

In the following years, PATRIZIA makes a name for itself as a pioneer of tenant-oriented residential property resale. For example, all 769 apartments of the Olympia-Pressestadt in Munich, which PATRIZIA acquired from the Supplementary Pension Fund for the Bavarian Local Authorities, are privatised. Due to its many years of experience and its socially compatible approach in the area of controlled housing and residential property resale, PATRIZIA is also awarded the contract for the acquisition of all company housing units of Bayer AG in Munich and of Fendt AG in Marktoberdorf, which it eventually privatises.

For the first time, PATRIZIA also offers its experience in residential property resale in a service concept it had developed called "Liquidity on call" for the financial industry’s real estate portfolios.


The beautiful moments 
of 30 years PATRIZIA