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Investment Focus

Grasping the altering supply chain landscape in Europe due to change in consumer behavior demonstrated via the growth of e-commerce, new infrastructure and digital technology reforming retail, with properties that match these changing requirements and growing demand in metro regions, infill locations, Airports and Ports.

“Changing consumer behavior is having a profound impact on the way products and services are being handled by retailers and logistics service providers, making the combination of location & building vital to their business performance”
“A new class of use specific logistics facilities is emerging as E-commerce logistics models play catch up with the rapid boom in online retailing and changing consumer behavior and preferences”
Trends in logistics
It’s the last mile that counts in modern logistics

Not tens, but hundreds, thousands and even millions of miles are embedded in many of the products we touch daily. But it’s the final moments of the race to the finishing line that is the most interesting — the sprint down that last mile.

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Why property investors need an expert´s eye on logistics

It takes in-depth knowledge and understanding to recognise investment opportunities in a logistic asset. 

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How technology can revolutionize deliveries

Low-tech containers or high-tech drones and droids: what really disrupts logistics and the supply chain?

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