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“We've spent the last 153 years building warehouses, we just called them stores.” (Peter Sachse, Macy’s)

“As e-commerce logistics models develop, they will drive huge changes in physical distribution networks, comparable in many respects to previous changes generated by the rise of global sourcing, or the earlier ‘centralization’ of deliveries to retail stores via retailer-controlled distribution centers. This will give rise to a new class of logistics and distribution properties including mega e-fulfillment centers, parcel hubs and delivery centers, local ‘urban logistics’ depots for rapid order fulfillment, and returns processing centers”. (JLL Research, 2013)

“E-commerce and commerce are merging and stores will need a technology driven just-in-time model to compete, resulting in retailers having a smaller store footprint and inventory center & distribution center will become more of that footprint to serve the customer fast from a multi-model location within an urban setting”. (eBay, 2014) 

“There is significant scope for the parcel delivery market in Europe to grow in the coming years, as logistics providers reconfigure their networks in part to meet growing demand from the e-commerce sector especially in the main metro areas”. (Arthur Tielens)

“The consequences of e-commerce on logistics are little understood, but some trends can be identified as logistics buildings will need to improve  in order to keep up with online shoppers’ increasing demand for fast and reliable shipping. As E-commerce becomes more common, it is changing physical distribution systems as we know it especially for retail logistics”. (Roger Peters)