"Combining expertise, enthusiasm and enterprise"

At PATRIZIA, we strongly believe that a future employer should not just appeal to an applicant through the head but also through the heart. So everyone that comes to work here, or would like to, enjoys the “whole PATRIZIA package” – a bundle of benefits combining the best of expertise, enthusiasm, and enterprise. Applicants seeking employment from a fast-moving company – that’s not only brimming with exuberance but is also a strong performer – will find that PATRIZIA provides every opportunity to share in this success. Another benefit that awaits each potential “PATRIZIAn” is plenty of leeway. To make the most of this leeway, applicants need to be flexible thinkers and versatile, in every sense of the word.

30 years old, PATRIZIA is relatively “young” as an organization, and this is reflected in the outstanding growth we’ve enjoyed in recent years and the broad base of new employees at the company. It’s this unique blend of existing dynamism with the continual injection of new potential, ideas and drive to make things happen that makes us so strong – not just in the here and now, but also in the future, as Europe’s leading real estate investment house. Be part of this success!