Employee Satisfaction

At PATRIZIA, employee satisfaction is high on the agenda. A pleasant working environment motivates people and, as a result, everyone feels more committed to their work. Also, identifying closely with the company one works for is a good starting point for success. To ensure employees derive satisfaction from their work in the long run, PATRIZIA has launched a variety of initiatives:

Once a year, everyone at PATRIZIA – from senior management to apprentices – is invited to participate in our anonymous online employee survey. The questions are broken down into five categories, or dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team spirit. The results are evaluated by experts to provide us with an objective, overall assessment of satisfaction levels among all employees at the company. The survey also provides us with new insights which are analyzed thoroughly to identify potential improvements. These are then subsequently carefully implemented.

Every month there is a one-hour event revolving around a specific area of PATRIZIA expertise. These “PATRIZIA Knowledge” events take place at our headquarters in Augsburg with a live telephone link for employees at our other sites. The main idea of these events is to exchange views, improve mutual employee understanding and promote interaction between different departments.

A particular highlight at PATRIZIA is our Employee Day, which takes place once a year. It spans a variety of fascinating events including the opportunity to join others at head office, talk directly with colleagues from all company sites, and witness first hand the things that all PATRIZIAns have in common.