PATRIZIA’s Performance Principles

Performance pays
When a company grows as fast as we do, there are new challenges to be met every day. At PATRIZIA, individual contribution to success is recognized in both senses of the word: through acknowledgement and rewards. We actively promote the development of committed employees, who are given every opportunity to climb the career ladder and receive training.

Trust that works both ways
We believe that the trust people place in us should be respected, and we are always conscious of our responsibility toward others. The very purpose of the joint enterprise we engage in is to provide real estate to others. So everything revolves around "people" – a motivation and mission for all of us.

Saying what we think
For open communication to work, one needs trust. Trust is crucial for initial concepts to develop into "market-ready" innovations. We consider open dialog a driving force that fuels the future success and development of our company.

Doing what we say
At PATRIZIA, when we make a promise, we keep it. The way we see ourselves isn’t merely based on a fundamental desire to meet expectations – we want to inspire people.