University Students

PATRIZIA offers motivated university students and recent graduates attractive opportunities for joining the real estate industry. These opportunities focus on delivering practical skills and professional development.

Internship: A program which runs at least three months, offering work in all areas of the company. It includes participation in current projects and establishes practical skills related to all facets of the real estate industry. Applicants may apply at any time, and are assigned to a department in which they work independently.

Students on a work-study program: Here, the focus is placed on processing administrative and operational matters and taking care of daily business. As a work-study student, recruits can perform their duties in any area of the company. They are then assigned to a department and work independently.

Thesis: Do you have ideas for a proposal? Feel free to approach us at any time. We will thoroughly examine the proposal and have a PATRIZIA specialist verify the terms of the project with the appropriate contact at your university. A mentor will be assigned to you for the duration of your thesis work, and will be there for you whenever necessary.

Whether working through an internship, contributing as a student on a work-study program, or writing your thesis – all companies of the PATRIZIA group are at your service. It’s the perfect way to get a foot in the door at a leading firm in the real estate industry. A firm that provides true opportunities for professional development.

You can make your mark at our locations in Augsburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden or Berlin.Extensive education and training opportunities for professional development allow applicants to gain experience which can be applied to future challenges faced at the management level.