PATRIZIA is a strong, growing company that thrives on its highly skilled workforce. Its training quota is due to rise from 6% to 7% in 2013.We offer motivated students attractive opportunities to take first steps in the real estate industry. Dual study programs in real estate combining practice and theory, or vocational training in business and commerce can open the door to a new career path.PATRIZIA apprenticeship programs are very diverse, and no one matches our dedication to offering the best in education and training. Depending on the applicant’s personal interests and skills, we offer various options:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate Management (dual study program)
  • Apprenticeship as Management Assistant in Real Estate
  • Apprenticeship as Management Assistant in Office Management
  • Apprenticeship as Management Assistant in Information Technology

The education and training programs are offered at our PATRIZIA locations in Augsburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden or Berlin.

These programs are sound, practical and well-structured, and kick off with orientation days in which the newcomers are introduced to the company and to each other. A PATRIZIA representative from each department serves as a primary contact and is available to the students and apprentices as a tutor for any questions that may arise. Second-year program participants are partnered with newcomers, which has established itself as an effective support system. Within the framework of their extensive education and training programs, apprentices and students on dual study programs work in their respective departments to fine-tune their practical skills in the field of real estate.

In independent "apprenticeship projects,” program participants help with the organizational aspects of trade shows and events such as the “Fit For Job” career day. They also take part in applicant training programs in schools and organize the orientation and induction of new recruits.

During the course of their education and training at PATRIZIA, young employees are offered continuing professional development programs such as rhetoric training, time and organizational management courses, internal IT training courses and specialty courses related to real estate in general.