PATRIZIA’s strategy revolves around increasing assets under management by around EUR 2.0 billion
each year and thereby achieving a sustainable growth in operating income.

Expansion of the European platform 
A key element of PATRIZIA’s strategy involves further expansion in Europe. As a general principle,
PATRIZIA only expands into new markets or market segments where established companies can be
integrated into the PATRIZIA Group and/or where it is possible to recruit highly qualified experts with an appropriate track record. Following France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, last
year PATRIZIA expanded into the real estate market of the Iberian Peninsula through a dedicated team,
with the result that PATRIZIA now has a local team in 15 European markets.

Extension of the product portfolio
The product portfolio is being systematically expanded and now incorporates almost all asset classes –
from residential, office and retail through to hotels and nursing care properties. In 2015 PATRIZIA estab-
lished a Pan-European logistics platform to cover the field of logistics real estate across Europe for its
clients. In addition, national requirements for structuring products and supervisory requirements vary. 
PATRIZIA’s European-wide platform provides optimal conditions for offering investments which match
the legal and supervisory requirements demanded by individual investors based on national regulations. PATRIZIA’s track record and presence in Europe have enabled it to establish itself as a successful
international brand among investors.

Broadening of the international investor base
The international investor base is undergoing further expansion. Investors are being targeted globally
with a focus on Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America with a view to securing them as
long-term clients for PATRIZIA. Collaboration with existing clients is also constantly intensified. As well
as offering new products, targeted consultancy services on reinvesting sales proceeds from
existing investments are also offered.