Key Financial Data

A firm’s current economic situation and success can be assessed using key business indicators and financial ratios. The following charts provide an overview of the key performance indicators for PATRIZIA SE.

Revenues and earnings 


EUR k20212020201920182017
Total operating performance339,856316,275363,611343,740227,651
Consolidated net profit51,80840,67856,34758,11658,898
Dividend per share (EUR)0.320.300.290.270.25


Structure of assets and capital

EUR k31.12.202131.12.202031.12.201931.12.201831.12.2017
Non-current assets1,067,1451,033,0181,025,7241,002,262275,900
Current assets994,312929,065961,356776,184976,494
Equity (excl. non-controlling shareholders)1,282,8091,237,2401,206,3911,143,106754,701
Equity ratio (excl. non-controlling shareholders)62.2%63.1%60.7%64.3%60.3%
Non-current liabilities352,477419,214480,677448,947325,671
Current liabilities390,477273,363269,653175,711170,331
Total assets2,061,4571,962,0831,987,0801,778,4461,252,394



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