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Basic Information

PATRIZIA is one of Europe’s leading real estate investment company. An important factor in our success is investor confidence. Here you will find all of the important information about PATRIZIA shares at a glance.

PATRIZIA share at a glance

SIN (Security Identification Number)PAT1AG
BloombergPAT GR
Common code24836843

No. of shares as of 31.12.2017


No. of shares as of 31.12.2017
(outstanding after share buy-backs)


Share class

Registered Shares

Exchange segment

Prime Standard



Initial listing 

31 March 2006

Dividend / Bonus shares 2017 

EUR 0.25 per share / no issue of bonus shares for 2017

2017 high*

EUR 20.17

2017 low*

EUR 14.67

Closing price as of 31.12.2017*

EUR 19.34

Share price performance 2017*


Market capitalisation as of 31.12.2017*

EUR 1.8 billion

Average trading volume per day 2017**

about 190,000 shares

* Closing prices in Xetra trading
** All German stock exchanges

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