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Outlook 2017

The outlook for the 2017 fiscal year remains very positive. PATRIZIA once again expects a strong transaction volume, an increase in assets under management and consequently a further increase and stabilisation of total service fees generated.

As of the first nine months 2017, PATRIZIA confirms its expectation for net organic growth in assets under management of EUR 2.0bn to approximately EUR 20.6bn in 2017. Including the acquisition of Sparinvest Property Investors (SPI) in October 2017, PATRIZIA expects a net increase in AUM of approximately EUR 3.0bn to approximately EUR 21.6bn.

In November 2017 PATRIZIA increased its earnings guidance for 2017 due to higher than expected performance fees. Management now expects an operating income of slightly above EUR 75.0m, compared to a previous range of EUR 60.0m to EUR 75.0m. In this context PATRIZIA expects to generate transaction fees at the lower end of or slightly below the so far communicated range of between EUR 55.0m to EUR 65.0m for 2017. In terms of performance fees PATRIZIA however expects to generate fees above the previous range of EUR 29.0m to EUR 38.0m.

Further information can be found in the Interim Report on the first nine months of 2017.

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