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Our Strategy

PATRIZIA: A leading partner for global real assets.

  • Leading in markets
    • Local specialists
    • Market coverage
    Markets – Establishment of local presence in all major european investment markets
    • Based on the motto “business is local”, we see ourselves as a European team, for which national borders have no meaning.
    • In all of our European locations, we build high-performance platforms with our own local experts, and thus create the best investment prospects for our clients.
    • We see local presence as a strategic key to access local investments, build relationships with local investors and market participants, and identify market developments at an early stage.
    • Our local offices are the prerequisite for gaining access to market opportunities with our local know-how, and thus be recognised by our investors as an attractive partner and specialist for the respective markets.
  • Leading in product range
    • Product spectrum
    • Management
    Products – Expansion of PATRIZIA’s product portfolio
    • We expand our product portfolio in terms of sectors, risk profiles, and geographies, in order to offer our investors a broad range of products and investment strategies.
    • We broaden the asset classes from real estate to real estate-related assets, in order to diversify the product portfolio and bring new products to the market for investors.
  • Leading in the expansion of the investor base
    • Origin of the investors
    • Types of investors
    Investors – Expansion of the investor base
    • Our investor base is growing – both through the internationalisation of our company and through the expansion of the offer for different types of investors. We are active in the DACH region, in Europe, and internationally to direct important capital flows to Europe. Our clients include institutional investors as well as Retail investors.
    • With our investors, we position ourselves sustainably as one of the most successful real estate investment companies in Europe.
    • We rely on a broad and diversified network of investors, which is already managed across Europe’s borders by a global fundraising team.

We offer tailormade and sustainable investment solutions.

Increase and Diversification of Operating Income

Expand product offering
  • Broaden product portfolio

    We want to steadily increase real estate assets that we manage. Through an optimally structured product offering with attractive returns in all property types, we offer our customers the best possible value creation – and that in all of Europe.

  • Expand product offering for institutional and retail clients

    We are expanding our product range in a targeted manner. It now covers nearly all asset classes: from residential to office, retail and logistics, from hotel to care properties. Thus, institutional investors and investors on our pan-European platform receive optimal conditions for high-yield investments. We offer a wide range of services, including the entire value chain of the investment. In the process, we remain faithful to our roots and our core competency in real estate (real assets).

  • Produce performance fees through top performance and superior returns

    We are sustainably increasing our operating result. An increase in assets under management and the resulting income through management fees and transaction fees make a decisive contribution to the company’s success.

Further expansion
  • Create investment opportunities across Europe

    Europe’s real estate markets are characterised by cyclical differences in market cycles. In order to offer our clients country-specific investment opportunities, we are represented by a local team in all of the major European markets. PATRIZIA’s internationalisation follows moderate growth. For us it is not the size that counts, but the quality.

Attract international investors
  • Expand and strengthen European client relationships

    We are an investor and service provider, but above all a partner. This means we support our clients in all important decisions. In the future, we would like to better reach institutional and retail investors – not only in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but also throughout Europe. Therefore, we are strengthening our European Client Relationship Team. In direct exchange with our clients, we can implement attractive investment opportunities more effectively.

  • Expand international client base

    Direct contact with investors is one of PATRIZIA’s strengths. It is based on the trust of our clients, who strengthen the business relationships with us, which have grown over decades. We rely on a broad and diversified network of investors to create a stable foundation. That is why we continue to expand international investor relations and reach out to investors worldwide. As a result, our focus is especially international, in order to win long-term clients for european investments.

Continue successful co- and principal investments
  • "Strengthen investor base and existing relationships through co-investments "

    PATRIZIA has the DNA of an investor. A considerable share of the company’s equity is invested in partnership with clients in co-investments. In this way, our clients have the opportunity to participate in the value development of the real estate portfolio. Our long-term experience and comprehensive competence as an investor are in demand and appreciated by our investors.

  • Distribution of capital from principal and co-investments

    Through co-investments, PATRIZIA and its clients participate in real estate investments. Thus, similar to the case of third-party business, we generate fee income and additional investment income. In principle, PATRIZIA is an investment manager and therefore strives to avoid conflicts of interest with its own investments. Principal investments – i.e. transactions for our own account – are therefore usually carried out either as interim financing or as early-stage investments, with the purpose of subsequent transfer to institutional funds.

Establish a European brand
  • Strengthening PATRIZIA as a premium brand

    For investors and other stakeholders throughout Europe, the name PATRIZIA stands for a trusted and reliable partnership, as well as successful investments. This reputation has arisen through sustainable and prudent management. The brand and the associated trust are indispensable for the acquisition of new clients and the expansion of existing business connections. This is why we place great emphasis on maintaining the PATRIZIA brand and renewing investors’ trust with each transaction.

PATRIZIA: A leading partner for global real assets.

100% real estate
Bricks & mortar. We are a leading European company for the management of real estate investments. We support institutional and private clients in real estate investments and their management
24 offices globally, thereof 19 across Europe
Local partner. We are present with renowned experts in real estate investment & management, and have offices in the key European real estate markets.
>€46bn assets under management
Integrated services. We provide comprehensive services for the value appreciation of commercial and residential real estate; our services span the entire real estate life cycle and value chain.
400+ institutional investors globally
Tailored products. We offer real estate investment solutions that meet the different needs, dimensions, and scales of our more than 400 institutional clients.
36 years experience in real estate
Entrepreneurial. Wolfgang Egger founded PATRIZIA in 1984 and remains majority shareholder and CEO to this day.