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PATRIZIA’s successful development as a company is portrayed in our equity story a fascinating fact sheet offering a summary of the most important and up-to-date KPIs and numbers. To read more about the different journeys PATRIZIA chooses to go on to achieve different goals, see our strategy. To put our approach into the context of current market conditions, see our guidance, which also examines future prospects.

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Equity Story

Our success as a company has been fuelled by a variety of crucial strategic decisions based on customer trends, detailed market understanding and foresight.

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Fact Sheet

Since our successful IPO in 2006, our shareholders now comprise a variety of institutional and private investors, apart from our largest shareholder, CEO Wolfgang Egger.

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Company Events

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PATRIZIA SE | H1 2023 Financial Report with investor and analyst conference call



PATRIZIA SE | 9M 2023 Interim Statement with investor and analyst conference call

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Martin Praum

Head of Investor Relations & Group Reporting

Verena Schopp de Alvarenga

Senior Associate | Investor Relations

Sebastian Weis

Associate Director | Investor Relations

Janina Rochell

Associate Director | Investor Relations

Annual General Meetings

The PATRIZIA SEM takes place annually in German, supported by online information in both German and English with audio and video, e-voting, and much more.

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If you’re interested in PATRIZIA shares, analyst recommendations, shareholder structures, key financials, stock buybacks, and more, go to our shareholders section.

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