PATRIZIA SE has been listed on the German Stock Exchange since 2006.


On the following pages you will find key and fundamental information with a bearing on PATRIZIA shares. In addition to information on share performance and basic information, this section also includes other essential background information such as analysts’ recommendations, our shareholder structure and key financial data. Active shareholders will also be interested in current information on stock buyback programmesand voting rights notifications.

Share Performance

Up-to-date share information

PATRIZIA SE shares have been listed on the German Stock Exchange since the IPO in 2006 and apart from our largest shareholder and Founder, Wolfgang Egger, our shareholders now comprise a variety of institutional and private investors. Our website offers facts and figures on our share performance, including daily updates and fascinating interactive charts.

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Analysts' Recommendations

Experts regularly examine our shares on the stock market. In this area of the website we present PATRIZIA share assessments, ratings and recommendations made by banks and analysts.

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Shareholder Structure

The shareholders of PATRIZIA SE are made up of institutional and private investors. Company founder Wolfgang Egger is the largest shareholder with the management company First Capital Partner.

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Share Buy-back Programme

Voluntary offer to all shareholders

PATRIZIA regularly offers its shareholders buy-back programmes. The aim of these initiatives is to offer public shareholders the opportunity to tender their shares directly to the company at a fixed price.

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Key Financial Data

Our performance is directly reflected in our key figures and financial ratios. As well as providing detailed information on PATRIZIA SE indicators in numbers, we also offer a variety of charts and analyses.

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Voting Rights Notification

Shareholders are obliged to notify the company if their voting shares have exceeded or fallen below a certain threshold value. This is for reasons of greater transparency in the capital market.

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