Fact Sheet


The accompanying fact sheet can be downloaded as a PDF file, offering a two-page overview of our company profile, the Executive Directors and the Board of Directors are presented, as well as our shareholder structure and key information on PATRIZIA shares. The fact sheet also includes a financial calendar outlining key dates for PATRIZIA shareholders and annual figures shown as an overview of key performance indicators for the company in recent years.


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Martin Praum

Head of Investor Relations & Group Reporting

Verena Schopp de Alvarenga

Senior Associate | Investor Relations

Laura Walz

Senior Associate | Investor Relations

Janina Rochell

Associate Director | Investor Relations


If you’re interested in PATRIZIA shares, analyst recommendations, shareholder structures, key financials, stock buybacks, voting rights or the AGM, click here.

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Annual Reports

To provide you with the best possible overview, we regularly publish important facts and figures. For detailed information see our annual reports.

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