Equity Story

Why invest in PATRIZIA SE? The six elements of our Equity Story:

We are active in alternative assets, a stable and structurally growing asset class, with a long-term investment horizon and favorable cash profiles

Our continuously increasing product portfolio covers various asset classes and regions, stabilising income by diversification

We offer investment solutions in line with megatrends like Demographics, Digitalisation, Urbanisation and Decarbonisation

Our combination of local people on the ground, strong and innovative in-house research and experience throughout cycles enables superior returns to clients

Our Balance Sheet is net cash positive with a high net equity ratio, enabling strategic M&A, organic growth and co-investments

We contribute to the enhancement of society by distributing up to 1% of the EBITDA to charitable organisations like the PATRIZIA Foundation

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Martin Praum

Head of Investor Relations & Group Reporting

Verena Schopp de Alvarenga

Senior Associate | Investor Relations

Laura Walz

Senior Associate | Investor Relations

Janina Rochell

Associate Director | Investor Relations

Fact Sheet

PATRIZIA SE shares have been listed on the German Stock Exchange since the IPO in 2006 and apart from our largest shareholder and Founder, Wolfgang Egger, our shareholders now comprise a variety of institutional and private investors.

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We regularly share presentations of our performance, including interim results and end-of-year accounts. These are available to provide investors, market analysts and others with an overview of our corporate activities.

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