The tech underpinning ESG: estatements magazine 2, 2023

18 / 10 / 23 - 0 minute read

estatements is PATRIZIA’s thought leadership magazine, which is published twice a year. The theme of our latest edition is ‘the tech underpinning ESG’.

The results of the PATRIZIA Client Survey 2023 clearly show that meeting ESG criteria will be essential for future investment decisions. But, without the right technology to measure and improve the quality of assets, ESG targets will not be met.

In our lead article, we share our clients’ view and take a look at how our smart building experts help decarbonise our assets to meet our own sustainability goals. Elsewhere, we take a look at smart water networks and how one company PATRIZIA Infrastru


Contents sample

- Identifying and implementing solutions for the decarbonisation revolution

- The technologies primed to decarbonise buildings today

- Solar points the way to a hopeful future

- Supporting smart early education infrastructure in the Nordics

- Impact investing is 'here to stay'

- Navigating the global ESG regulatory landscape

- A blueprint for ultra-sustainable logistics assets

- Smart water networks to battle leaks and droughts in the UK

- European residential market: Home, sweet (affordable, green) home?