PATRIZIA Real Insights Editor's Picks #1: Answering the need for internet speed

20 / 04 / 23 - 0 minute read

Interested in understanding the mid-market digital infrastructure opportunities in the US and the sustainable infrastructure picture in Asia-Pacific? If so, you'll want to listen to this podcast.

This is PATRIZIA Real Insights Editor's Picks - a new podcast bringing you articles from PATRIZIA's estatements magazine, which is a twice-yearly publication shining a light on key topics within the real assets sector.

The first estatements edition of 2023 arrives in May and we’re teasing its release by sharing a couple of the infrastructure-related articles read aloud in this first episode. The first article, 'Answering the need for internet speed', examines PATRIZIA's partnership with SiFi Networks to bring ultra-fast fibre broadband to cities in the US which lack the digital infrastructure required to become smart cities. The second long read is 'Accelerating APAC's sustainable future', which considers the sustainable infrastructure opportunities that exist in the region.

Your host is Andrew Belt. Articles read by Ollie Guillou. With quotes read by Ed Whittaker and Phillippa Guillou.


Andrew Belt

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