PAT Cast #19: Finding value in a new macroeconomic environment

17 / 01 / 24 - 0 minute read

As we enter a new economic cycle, what is the outlook for global real assets? In the first PAT Cast of 2024, we take a look at the year ahead and discuss where we believe the most attractive investment opportunities will lie across real estate and infrastructure in a higher-for-longer environment.

In this conversation, we explore both the challenges and opportunities for investors in global markets this year and examine how low investment volumes and declining values in 2023 will make 2024 a buyer's market. We also discuss the major debt and decarbonisation funding gaps and how investors can leverage these opportunities to drive value in the medium term. And our guests offer a dose of optimism, particularly when it comes to investing in sectors underpinned by the long-term megatrends of decarbonisation, urbanisation, digitalisation and demographic changes. 

Your host is Ed Whittaker and on the panel we have:

Mahdi Mokrane, PATRIZIA’s Head of Global Investment Strategy, Research and Investment Solutions

Justin Webb, Head of investment solutions at PATRIZIA Infrastructure.


Mahdi Mokrane

Justin Webb

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