PAT Cast #18: 2023 - Year in review

15 / 12 / 23 - 0 minute read

Taking stock of a challenging 2023, this special episode examines the many conversations we’ve had on the PAT Cast over the past year. Throughout this year, we have explored the macro environment shaping a turbulent investment landscape for real assets at regular intervals and also pinpointed key investment opportunities underpinned by the long-term megatrends of decarbonisation, digitalisation, urbanisation and demographic changes.

This episode provides teasers from each of the seven episodes of the PAT Cast released this year. If you’d like to listen back to any of them, just follow the links:

#11: Outlook for 2023 - Looking through the uncertainty

#12: The 15 Minute City: Enriching lives through urban planning

#13: Bridging the digital divide:why mid-market is driving the most value in a digital world

#14: 2023 Outlook Part II - How are real assets adapting to the permacrisis?

#15: Bioenergy: A bridge to a green energy future

#16: EXPO REAL Special: Insights from the European Residential Markets Report

#17: Solar investment in real estate: Solarfication of logistics assets to add value to unused rooftops

Your host is Andrew Belt.

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Mahdi Mokrane

Justin Webb

Timo Hämäläinen

Dr. Marcelo Cajias

Phoebe Smith

Furqan Alamgir

Radu Mircea

Oliver Hailzl

Antonio Barani

Dr. Marcus Cieleback

Tim Schotte

Merel Osinga

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