EDITORIAL: Driving value creation for our investors

05 / 06 / 23 - 1 minute read

In a world of multiple crises – or ‘permacrisis’ as many call it now – everyone is asking: where are the attractive long-term investment opportunities? The world has changed dramatically with the return of inflation, rising interest rates, energy prices, war in Ukraine and growing geopolitical tensions.

Nevertheless, we strongly believe there are many exciting investment opportunities out there. You just need to have the right insights, the right people on the ground and the right product offerings to leverage them.


Wolfgang Egger

Over the past 40 years, we have successfully navigated through several crises. Each time we have emerged even stronger and I have to admit that I quite like time of change as it comes with lots of opportunities.

We have built a reputation as a close, trusted and reliable partner for our clients. Today we offer a highly diversified real estate and infrastructure product offering. And we leverage our independent and deep research, as well as our local footprint, capabilities to identify the best investment opportunities for our clients, in private and public equity and in debt.

We remain cautiously optimistic for 2023, expecting stabilising markets over the course of the year. We have a rock-solid corporate balance sheet with €375 million liquidity and €4 billion of fire power in our flagship funds for real estate and infrastructure and excellent access to venture capital opportunities. For investors who remain cautious about where they put their money, intelligent asset management with attractive returns will play a key role in creating value. This is one of our key strengths and you learn more about it in this edition.

While core investments remain a big part of what we do at PATRIZIA, we see value-add as a key driver of value creation this year. This theme is explained in greater detail on page 4 by our Head of International Funds, Paul Hampton, and Radu Mircea, Director - Investment Strategy and Research.

Wolfgang Egger, CEO and Founder of PATRIZIA

Value creation is further explored by our Head of Global Investment Strategy, Research and Investment Solutions, Mahdi Mokrane, on page 9 by looking at the consequences of the double funding gap driven by the need for debt refinancing and decarbonising assets to attract higher returns. Other important topics covered in the magazine include digital infrastructure, impact investing and the energy transition.

I hope you enjoy reading this first edition of the estatements magazine in 2023. Should you have any questions or want to learn more, please get in touch via our contact form and we will be happy to help.

Wolfgang Egger, CEO and Founder of PATRIZIA


While core investments remain a big part of what we do at PATRIZIA, we see value-add as a key driver of value creation this year.

Wolfgang Egger