City in Focus #3: Copenhagen

13 / 10 / 23 - 0 minute read

Copenhagen - the city where everyone cycles - is one of the happiest and most liveable cities in the world. It’s so attractive that up to 9,000 new homes have to be built every year to keep up with demand.

This is City in Focus - a podcast series from PATRIZIA where, every quarter, we highlight the cities that stand out or rank highly in PATRIZIA’s European Living Cities Index.

In this episode, we learn how Copenhagen’s young, affluent population, great education system and world-class connectivity make it such a compelling city for investors. We hear from PATRIZIA experts about the company’s presence in Copenhagen, and what it’s like to invest in properties in the city. And we discover how it has been shaped into what it is today - a city full of beautiful districts and urban neighbourhoods, bursting with life and rich with culture.

Your host is Andrew Belt and here’s the running order of guests on the episode:

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Dr. Marcus Cieleback

Dr. Marcelo Cajias

Anders Klingbeil

Michael Fynbo

Anne Skovbro

Emma Risom Nielsen

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