Why European residential investments are ideal bond substitutes – an innovative approach

02 / 09 / 20 - 0 minute read

European residential should be part of a diversified core real estate portfolio thanks to its total return stability and diversification potential., says Mahdi Mokrane, Head of Investment Strategy & Research at PATRIZIA. In a new report, he explains that European residential is more than an adequate proxy for the fixed income needs of institutional investors.


Mahdi Mokrane

Dr. Mahdi Mokrane

Head of Strategy & Research

Dr. Mahdi Mokrane joined PATRIZIA in January 2020 as Head of Investment Strategy and Research, overseeing PATRIZIA’s investment strategies, research and performance analytics. He works closely with the CIO in crafting PATRIZIA’s House View and serves on PATRIZIA’s Investment and Executive Committees.

Previously, Mahdi worked at LaSalle as Board Member where he led the European strategy and research team and served on LaSalle’s Debt & Special Situations and private equity real estate investment committees. Mahdi held leading roles at AEW, MSCI IPD, ESSEC Business School, and Caisse des Dépôts. He is also a regular keynote speaker.

Mahdi holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from EHESS (France), a Masters in Financial Economics of Dauphine University, and is an active member MSCI IPD, INREV, EPRA and the RICS.

London, United Kingdom

Mahdi Mokrane

Head of Global Investment Strategy, Research & Investment Solutions