EDITORIAL: What's next in these times of uncertainty?

19 / 10 / 22 - 1 minute read

It is a question everyone is asking. Today, we have spiralling inflation, rising energy and living costs and an explosion in construction costs. All industry sectors are impacted by the current crisis and economic slowdown. Any reasonable investor has to be cautious in such an environment.

Indeed, we are far away from normal markets. Transaction volumes have significantly decreased, and price-finding is challenging. With the Ukraine war the most prominent of many geo-political flashpoints and the impact of COVID-19 still b


Wolfgang Egger

And there are compelling reasons why investments with PATRIZIA as a global real asset player matter. First, we have always been a strong and stable partner for our clients. With almost 40 years of experience in real estate and 25 years in infrastructure, we are present in all major European markets and globally with 28 offices – 19 of them in Europe.

Second, with our strategic move into infrastructure we have a unique and attractive real asset product offering for our clients, especially in this challenging market environment.

We can help clients diversify and future-proof their portfolios through the combination of real estate and infrastructure investments. We offer stable income that is higher than fixed-income or real estate only. And the combination provides an attractive inflation hedge with long-term inflationlinked income streams.

As Mahdi Mokrane, our Head of Investment Strategy & Research, outlines (see page 4 of this edition of estatements), we expect real asset investments like renewable energy, digitalisation and datacentres, as well as social care facilities, to beat inflation in the mid-term.

Wolfgang Egger, CEO and Founder of PATRIZIA

Finally, with our combination of infrastructure and real estate investments we are perfectly positioned to build on four global megatrends: urbanisation, demographic change, digitalisation, and decarbonisation. These megatrends will transform our societies and the global economy regardless of the current uncertainties.

This edition of estatements and our upcoming Investment Horizons Forum, our premier client event on November 17th in Frankfurt and London, highlights how we address these four megatrends by building smarter cities and smarter buildings with the clear goal to create greener, more liveable and better-connected communities.

We can help clients diversify and future-proof their portfolios through the combination of real estate and infrastructure investments. 

Wolfgang Egger