The eagle has landed: Art installation creates a buzz in Potsdam

03 / 01 / 24 - 3 minute read

As part of PATRIZIA’s mission to ‘build communities and sustainable futures’, the company seeks to enhance the quality of life for future generations and transform cities into vibrant, community-focused spaces.

Fully aligned with this mission is the PAT Art Lab, which is particularly active in the ‘S’ of ESG in terms of community engagement and the fact that any proceeds from its work go to the PATRIZIA Foundation. As it states on its website, PAT Art Lab’s work is driven forward by its belief that ‘art touches, connects and enhances’.

Through its engagement, the Lab seeks to inspire communities through the power of art, encouraging accessibility, integration and free discourse.

Throughout the world, projects like the LX Factory in Lisbon, Ateneu Popular 9 Barris in Barcelona, 59 Rue de Rivoli in Paris, and the world-renowned Wynwood neighbourhood in Miami stand as beacons of how the implementation of art and culture contribute to positive side effects such as urban regeneration. They can catalyse local economic activity and create an array of tourist attractions and real estate opportunities.

In this spirit, we’re proud to share details of the latest art project undertaken by the PAT Art Lab…


Tania Di Brita

Tradition meets modernity: CITY-LIVING, Potsdam, Germany

Nestled in the picturesque city of Potsdam – the capital of Brandenburg - lies a real estate gem that exudes historical charm while embracing modernity. CITY-LIVING Potsdam, on the corner of Am Kanal and Französische Strasse, stands as a testament to PATRIZIA’s commitment to creating spaces that resonate with diverse lifestyles.

With 126 fully furnished micro apartments boasting contemporary designs, this property caters to the needs of students, young professionals and commuters seeking a functional second home. The complex holds the prestigious DGNB Gold certification, reflecting its dedication to sustainability.

The intention of the art implementation was to welcome young professionals to Potsdam with something unique and striking. Therefore, the spirit of the mural is ‘tradition meets modernity’, mirroring the city’s rich historical heritage while capturing its vibrant contemporary essence.

A careful selection process led PAT Art Lab to collaborate with local artists who intimately understood Potsdam’s essence. Among them, a standout duo, Innerfields (Jakob Tory Bardou and Holger Weißflogg), was chosen to bring the vision to life. Together, in close collaboration with the PAT Art Lab, the artists meticulously crafted the final design for the space.

The mural transforms the perception of the room in a captivating 3D experience from the moment residents step through the door. Inspired by Potsdam’s coat of arms, the majestic black eagle presents itself as a thought-provoking female interpretation of Frederick the Great, holding a powerful symbol of our times — the smartphone on a selfie stick — as her sceptre.

The cherubs supporting the coat of arms are also inspired by the decorations of Potsdam’s old town hall, dating back to 1755 and influenced by Italian Renaissance architecture, with the mural seamlessly weaving historical references into its modern tapestry.

The inclusion of the city’s flag in a striking red further reinforces the strong sense of place and identity. Additionally, a wild and picturesque floral motif pays homage to Potsdam’s garden traditions. The artful interplay of rough brush strokes alongside graphic and photorealistic elements adds depth and contrast and harmonizes the city’s past, present, and future.

“We hope our mural is able to interrupt the tenants’ daily routines for a moment and to inspire them to have a positive day or pleasant feeling when they arrive home.”


Holger Weißflogg of Innerfields

Jakob Tory Bardou of Innerfields

Interacting with the community: Positive side-effects though art

Beyond its artistic allure, the mural bears testimony to PATRIZIA’s deep sense of responsibility towards the local community in the city. It epitomises the innovative and philanthropic ways real estate can draw value through art, creating a lasting legacy that resonates with both residents and visitors.

At CITY-LIVING in Potsdam, PAT Art Lab’s collaboration with Innerfields has left an indelible mark. The mural has not only caught the attention of tenants, but has also sparked a buzz on social media, igniting inspired voices within the community.

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About PAT Art Lab

The PAT Art Lab is an experimental work and research organisation for contemporary and urban art, society and a sustainable future. The PAT Art Lab was founded out of a passion for art since 1984.

The vision of the PAT Art Lab is to unite artists, community engagement and sustainability with art. Points of contact may arise between art, artists, the local community, the PATRIZIA Foundation, education, institutions and other partners dealing with topics related to art or society. The goal is to strengthen social cohesion and aspire to a achieve a more positive future for communities.


PAT Art Lab’s commitment to excellence drives us to follow a holistic process, crafting tailor-made solutions from ideation to execution and presentation.

1. Ideation: Craft a consistent and fundamental concept aligned with the project’s vision, meeting stakeholder requirements.

2. Execution: Collaborate with artists, negotiate prices, and meticulously plan the implementation process with a dedicated on-site team.

3. Presentation: Strategically communicate and market the newly created environments, fostering meaningful connections with the community and beyond.

About the author

Tania Di Brita is the curator of the PAT Art Lab. Tania is a Swiss art historian, specialising in graffiti, street and urban art.