Priced out: Europe’s affordable housing challenge

13 / 02 / 21 - 0 minute read

Affordable housing is a topic that inflames  civic discourse because it hits so many people where it hurts – their wallets.


Dr. Marcus Cieleback

There is no denying there is an affordability problem. But go beyond the anger, and you find that there has been no precise definition of what affordability is. This makes discussing the problem difficult.

Marcus Cieleback

Marcus Cieleback

Chief Urban Economist, PATRIZIA SE

Marcus Cieleback has been with the Research department of PATRIZIA since 2008, currently as its Chief Urban Economist. His focus includes the development of PATRIZIA’S house view and its implementation within investment strategies. Within these analyses special focus is given to the institutional framework of markets, especially in the residential sector, as it provides the “rules of the game” and crucially influences city level developments and hence the return perspectives.

Augsburg, Germany

Dr. Marcus Cieleback

Chief Urban Economist

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