PATRIZIA’s latest move to green energy – Spain

18 / 08 / 21 - 1 minute read

PATRIZIA continues its shift to green energy and a streamlined supplier base

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report starkly highlights the pressing reality of climate change and the need to focus on sustainability in the business world. PATRIZIA is aware of real estat

Reducing carbon emissions

Starting in 2022, buildings in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga will receive power from a single supplier – a reduction from four separate electricity providers and two natural gas suppliers.

“This is an important step as none of our incumbent providers could deliver sustainable energy reliably,” says Jörg Müller, Head of Asset Operations Excellence at PATRIZIA.

Between 2022 and 2025, switching to a green electricity supply will save 349 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. A carbon-neutral gas supply will save a further 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually across the same timeframe.

Financial benefit amid record prices

The financial impact will be mixed. Renewable and non-renewable energy prices are rising across Europe for several reasons, including higher carbon prices and increased demand. Prices in Spain have recently hit record highs. The country is particularly vulnerable due to its reliance on liquified natural gas, increasingly in demand in Asia.  

Nevertheless, by switching to green natural gas from a single supplier, PATRIZIA will save a reduction in costs of 14% between now and the end of 2025. For electricity, the net energy costs will rise by 17% across the same timeframe.

In asset management, there are many small tweaks we can do to a building that will lower its carbon footprint. Converting to green energy is one of the most effective.

Continued positive results

PATRIZIA’s green energy programme started in Germany and the Netherlands before rolling out in France, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

“There’s no question: bundling energy suppliers and switching to renewable energy has brought extremely positive results so far,” says Jörg Müller. “We expect Spain to be no different.”

The next country on the list for PATRIZIA is Poland, adds Müller, with further details to be announced later this year.