PAT Cast #9: Ultra-sustainable urban logistics: can the sector really put us on the road to net zero?

21 / 10 / 22 - 0 minute read

During the pandemic, many of us will have experienced the value of last mile logistics as we relied on the seamless delivery of various packages to our doorstep. But as fundamental as these urban warehouses and storage facilities are to enriching our lives, people often associate the sector with polluting lorries and inefficient buildings, which place a major hurdle in the race against climate change. But is this image the reality?

In this episode, we find out how ultra-sustainable logistics developments actually play an integral role in the road to net zero and how the newly created GLi platform is leading the charge. We find out whether there’s a trade-off between achieving sustainability and ensuring your asset is profitable. And we find out how the logistics sector is reacting to macro trends like rising inflation and interest rates.

This conversation was recorded in a historical travelling post office at The Postal Museum in London, the venue for the LAST MILE Conference where industry stakeholders gathered to discuss the logistics sector’s challenges and future opportunities. 

Your host is Ed Whittaker and on the panel we have:

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