What sustainability means to PATRIZIA

Corporate responsibility, including ESG, has been part of our company culture since our founding in 1984. This is driven by our purpose of “Building Communities & Sustainable Futures”.

Sustainability is about taking actions that create positive impact both today and in the future. Real assets play a pivotal role in society. Across residential, commercial, logistics, and infrastructure they serve basic human needs such as housing, workspaces, healthcare, energy, connectivity, and transportation. The impact we have as the real assets industry – both on the natural environment and the people that live within it – cannot be downplayed or ignored.

At PATRIZIA we know that behaving and investing responsibly is the right thing to do for our stakeholders, our communities, and the planet. It is important for PATRIZIA to achieve sustainable growth, because "healthy" societies and an intact environment form the basis for PATRIZIA's business activities and are core elements for long-term success.

PATRIZIA is not only committed to acting responsibly, but also sees itself as a driver of change in the real assets industry. This sense of responsibility influences the daily work around the entire life cycle of the managed real assets and leads to continuous improvements at PATRIZIA.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. From irregular weather patterns that threaten global food stability, to rising sea levels that endanger the world’s coastal communities, the impacts of climate change are imminent and irreversible without drastic and immediate action on a global scale. Faced with the tremendous impact of climate change and the challenges it presents to humankind, there should be no question about why it is important to integrate ESG into any business.

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Sustainability Goals

How we create Value

PATRIZIA Sustainability Report 2021

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WHC Sustainability Report 2021

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Sustainability Information

Here you can find the Sustainability information required to be disclosed by our AIFMs in alignment with the SFDR (sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector).

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Climate Change White Paper

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Net Zero Carbon Strategy

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