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Improved energy efficiency


What we said
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
What we did
  • PATRIZIA has improved the energy efficiency of 180 apartments in the Netherlands by installing improved insulation, new heating systems and new windows
  • The measures cut heating costs for tenants and increase living comfort
  • Achieve savings of 83.4 tons of carbon emissions and 18,000 m3 of gas per year
  • We are actively managing our properties and cooperate with our property management partners to identify possibilities to make our real estate portfolio more sustainable and prepare for the energy transition

  • 50,000 tons less CO2 each year

    by running a major share of PATRIZIA’s real estate portfolio on 100% renewable energy

  • First carbon-negative business park

    by expanding a solar park to produce more energy than is consumed


    revitalises real estate to benefit the PATRIZIA Children Foundation

  • Industry Standards

    Transparent reporting and comparability by aligning with industry standards

Anne BökerAssociate Sustainability Management