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Corporate Social Responsibility

Being successful means acting responsibly – towards society, the environment, our clients, and our staff members. We take our corporate responsibility seriously and have integrated CSR activities into all areas our work.

“Looking back at our company’s now 34-year history, I can only say that PATRIZIA has always acted in sustainable and responsible ways. Our responsibility towards society, the environment, and our clients has always been – and continues to be – at the heart of everything we do.”

Wolfgang Egger – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • For decades, sustainability has been an essential element in PATRIZIA’s day-to-day business. Not only do we create value for our clients and society, but we also commit ourselves to values that are binding for our entire workforce.
  • A responsible corporate strategy based on social and environmental concerns is the basis for our business activities and the standard for our dealings with each another.
  • Responsible and transparent corporate governance is a core element in long-term success. The corporate governance principles of PATRIZIA Immobilien AG are an essential part of the rules of procedure.
  • PATRIZIA‘s aims to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets into the investment process, the stakeholder dialogue and along the value chain in order to comply with international best practices and be prepared for future challenges.

The strategy has been developed in accordance to international guidelines, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the objectives of United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Areas of Responsibility

“Our commitment to sustainability supports our long-term corporate activity.”

Dr. Marcelo Cajias - Associate Director, Sustainability

  • Staff Members
    Helping employees develop further to improve work-life balance and productivity. Regular participation in the Great Place to Work programme, in order to assess employee satisfaction and the impact of the measures introduced, and to establish benchmarks.
  • Transparency and corporate governance
    Carrying out and certifying activities that are specific to the real estate industry and relevant for sustainability via recognised organisations in order to increase our transparency and professionalism.
  • Products
    Measuring the energy consumption of our assets under management of the different asset classes. Compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability standards for new project developments. Considering sustainability criteria in purchasing decisions.
  • Increasing the company’s value
    Establishing investment platforms across Europe to increase investment solutions for clients. Developing assessment systems for the collection of data on resource consumption in PATRIZIA’s subsidiaries in order to reduce energy consumption, operational costs and our environmental footprint.
  • Social issues
    Continuing and expanding the PATRIZIA KinderHaus-Stiftung and its projects at home and abroad.

Corporate Social Responsibility Vision

PATRIZIA’s sustainability strategy aims to integrate social and environmental criteria into the stakeholder dialogue and value creation, in order to meet international regulations and be prepared for future challenges in Europe.

KinderHaus Stiftung

We Help Children Worldwide

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Dr. Marcelo CajiasAssociate Director, Sustainability
Dr. Marcelo Cajias - Associate Director - Research