Code of Values for PATRIZIA AG and its German companies

Complying with the law and regulations and adhering to moral and ethical standards are an integral part of our corporate culture and essential to our success as a business in the long term.

At PATRIZIA, compliance is about more than just ensuring that all legal and internal regulations are followed. Ethical factors also play a key role.

We have a strong social responsibility as a company and we take this responsibility very seriously. This is why the fundamental corporate principles of PATRIZIA include honesty and integrity. This means acting in the interests of the investor with diligence, candour, fidelity and fairness, and respecting the integrity of the market.

The PATRIZIA Compliance Programme is based on the PATRIZIA Code of Values, which you can download here. This code serves not only to guide our actions, but also provides direction and pointers, reflecting the values we aim to actively live by in our corporate culture.

You can find contact details for getting in touch with the PATRIZIA Group Compliance Office, including for reporting possible compliance violations, here.




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