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Technical Asset Manager (m/w/d)
R1135 | Berlin, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Hamburg, Germany - ...
Business Analyst / Key-User (m/w/d)
R692 | Hamburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany
Werkstudent/ Praktikant Compliance / Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) (m/w/d)
R1276 | Augsburg, Germany
Spontanous Application
R484 | Augsburg, Germany - London, United Kingdom - Frankfurt, Germany - ...
Business Analyst (m/w/d) – Portfolio Management Systeme
R1321 | Frankfurt, Germany
Business Development Manager (m/w/d)
R965 | Augsburg, Germany - Munich, Germany
Associate Director Product Development (m/w/d)
R1379 | Augsburg, Germany
Regulatory and Governance Project Officer (m/f/d)
R1389 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Assistenz (m/w/d) Fund Management
R1440 | Hamburg, Germany
Werkstudent im Assistenzbereich (m/w/d)
R937 | Hamburg, Germany
Analyst Research (m/w/d)
R1433 | Augsburg, Germany
Software Developer Backend (m/w/d)
R1455 | Augsburg, Germany
Analyst in Financial Analysis (m/w/d)
R1275 | Augsburg, Germany
Werkstudent im Accounting (m/w/d)
R1479 | Augsburg, Germany
Investment Controller (m/w/d)
R1462 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Asset Manager (m/w/d)
R1450 | Berlin, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Hamburg, Germany
Analyst Asset Management (m/w/d)
R1449 | Munich, Germany - Augsburg, Germany
Werkstudent / Praktikant Financial Data Management (m/w/d)
R1345 | Frankfurt, Germany
Praktikant (m/w/d) - 6 Monate
R1509 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Werkstudent Compliance / Anti-Money-Laundering (m/w/d)
R1510 | Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Leiter Group Reporting & Consolidation IFRS (m/w/d)
R1514 | Augsburg, Germany
Assistant Asset Operations (m/w/d) in Teilzeit
R1448 | Frankfurt, Germany
On-/Offboarding Manager (m/f/d)
R1451 | London, United Kingdom
Inhouse-Consultant – Data, Process & Application (m/w/d)
R1344 | Frankfurt, Germany - Augsburg, Germany
On-/Offboarding Manager (m/w/d)
R1059 | Frankfurt, Germany - Augsburg, Germany
Business Process Automation Expert (m/w/d) befristet für 1 Jahr
R1516 | Augsburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany
Business Intelligence Expert (m/w/d) befristet für 1 Jahr
R1515 | Frankfurt, Germany
Fund Accountant (m/w/d)
R1527 | Frankfurt, Germany - Hamburg, Germany
Projectmanager Digitisation Projects (m/f/d)
R1456 | Augsburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Duales Studium - Immobilienwirtschaft (m/w/d)
R1326 | Augsburg, Germany
Investment Controller (m/w/d)
R1436 | Hamburg, Germany
Data Engineer Real Estate (m/f/d)
R1549 | Augsburg, Germany
Asset Manager - Finland (m/w/d)
R1550 | Stockholm, Sweden
Steuerreferent Auslands-Immobiliensteuern / Tax Manager (m/w/d)
R1557 | Hamburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany
Werkstudent Controlling (m/w/d)
R1559 | Augsburg, Germany
Events Manager (m/f/d)
R1561 | Augsburg, Germany - London, United Kingdom
Investment Operations Manager (m/w/d)
R1563 | Augsburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Hamburg, Germany
(Junior) Personalsachbearbeiter (m/w/d)
R1564 | Augsburg, Germany - Augsburg, Germany
Werkstudent Tech Lab – Change & Innovation (m/w/d)
R1565 | Augsburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany
Office Manager & Personal Assistant (m/f/d)
R1567 | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Werkstudent (m/w/d) Vertrieb
R1572 | Augsburg, Germany
Associate Director - Donor Relations and Services (m/f/d) PATRIZIA Foundation
R1497 | London, United Kingdom
Werkstudent/Praktikant (m/w/d) Asset Management
R1580 | Frankfurt, Germany
Product Manager (m/w/d)
R1584 | Augsburg, Germany
Werkstudent (m/w/d) Fundraising & Communications - PATRIZIA Foundation
R1585 | Augsburg, Germany
Analyst (Investment Strategy & Research) (m/w/d)
R1588 | London, United Kingdom
Ausbildung zur Kauffrau / zum Kaufmann für Büromanagement (m/w/d)
R1443 | Augsburg, Germany
Fund Manager (m/w/d)
R1573 | Augsburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Munich, Germany
Director Accounting (m/w/d)
R1604 | GB - London 2
Asset Manager (m/f/d)
R1605 | Brussels, Belgium - Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Asset Manager (m/f/d)
R1606 | Madrid, Spain
Associate Client Services (12 months Fixed Term Contract) (m/w/d)
R1607 | London, United Kingdom
Aushilfe Empfang (m/w/d)
R1610 | Augsburg, Germany
Director (m/w/d) Fund Management
R1609 | Augsburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany - Munich, Germany
Finanzbuchhalter (m/w/d) in Vollzeit oder Teilzeit
R1611 | Frankfurt, Germany - Hamburg, Germany
Manager Fundraising (m/w/d) PATRIZIA Foundation
R1495 | Augsburg, Germany
Werkstudent / Praktikant Investor Relations (m/w/d)
R1619 | Augsburg, Germany - Frankfurt, Germany
(Senior) Associate Group Reporting & Consolidation (m/w/d)
R1620 | Augsburg, Germany

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