PATRIZIA has been operating in the market as an independent investment manager for global real assets for 39 years. What is it that makes PATRIZIA what is today? And what advantages does PATRIZIA offer to its customers?



The advantages we offer:


Direct access to a broad investor base

One important strength of PATRIZIA is its ability to offer direct access to investors. This stems from the trust placed in us by our clients, who have remained loyal to PATRIZIA for 39 years and have intensified their relationships with us to form a customer base that currently includes more than 500 institutional investors – inside and outside Germany. Our customers invest regularly and recurrently through PATRIZIA due to the number of times our assets outperform benchmarks. For example, investors entrusted PATRIZIA with €3.2 billion of new equity in 2019 alone.


An established network spanning the whole of Europe

Thanks to a professional, easily scalable platform based on many years of trusting collaboration with our business partners, PATRIZIA now operates in all key markets, with a variety of teams comprising local experts who have a long track record in the industry. By offering access to an established network of regional and international expertise, we are in a position to identify and offer attractive investment opportunities in almost all real asset classes and risk profiles. As a result, PATRIZIA has its finger on the pulse when it comes to current market developments, virtually tracking all transactions with a bearing on the business of its investors.


A real asset portfolio reflecting every part of the value chain

Investors turn to PATRIZIA for its broad offering and detailed expertise, not only within different classes of property use, but also across different risk classes. For example, it offers comprehensive service packages that include all kinds of add-on support options, at every stage of the investment value chain. It also goes without saying that investors can pick and choose which services they require individually.


A pioneer in developing new industry standards

We see our role at PATRIZIA as a driver of digital transformation and of the industry overall, systematically expanding our portfolio to embrace emerging technology. Not only does this allow us to provide our clients with the exact information they need, it also leaves them better informed and thus better equipped to make robust decisions. Accordingly, we invest strategically in smart digital solutions that not only work for us, but first and foremost enable us to develop groundbreaking business solutions for the industry overall. At the same time, we invest in technology firms with the potential to brush aside established business models with their disruptive solutions. Naturally, this grants us access to future technologies at the point of emergence.


A successful track record attracts further investment

PATRIZIA is one of the biggest ‘deal-makers’ in Europe. For example, we completed property transactions worth €9 billion in 2019 alone. Our customers value us for the ability of our experts to identify opportunities in all real asset classes across Europe, as well as our smooth handling of purchases and sales – a core competence that has made our company a highly appreciated business partner.


PATRIZIA has the DNA of an investor

Investment runs through our veins at PATRIZIA and we also participate in investments alongside our institutional clients. Investing a share of our company equity has been part and parcel of our business model ever since the company was founded and we frequently co-invest a proportion of PATRIZIA equity with clients. Customers come to PATRIZIA for our long-standing experience and value us for our wide-ranging expertise as an investor.


A strong reputation that instils trust

The PATRIZIA name is seen by investors and our business partners in Europe as a hallmark of trust, a partnership that can be relied on and successful business relations. This reputation stems from our long-term, prudent but successful approach to doing business. Our brand and the trust clients place in PATRIZIA are an essential factor in acquiring new customers and building on existing business relations. It is also why we place great emphasis on fine-tuning and honing the PATRIZIA brand and ensuring we continue to earn the trust of investors through every investment we are involved in. PATRIZIA is proud that more than half of our clients have invested several times in one of our products.


PATRIZIA - A leading partner for global real assets.

As a 100% independent investment manager with a strong focus on real assets, we offer a powerful and unique blend of expertise that is as broad as it is deep. As well as understanding and answering the specialist needs of institutional investors – many of whom have been returning to PATRIZIA as a provider and fiduciary for over three decades – we also support private investors, including customers entirely new to real asset investments.


The awards bestowed on PATRIZIA over the years underscore our entrepreneurial approach to real estate investments and our emphasis on long-term responsible partnership.

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