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Track Record

PATRIZIA is successful in almost all asset classes and offers clients the best investment opportunities.

  • Transactions

    • Since 2012, PATRIZIA has achieved a total transaction volume of €22.9bn
    • Acquisitions totalling €16.6bn
    • Sales totalling €6.3bn
  • Fundraising

    • Raised €7.6bn of equity since 2012
    • 200+ German and international institutional clients; over 50% invest in PATRIZIA products
    • German individual fund business successfully established in 2015
  • Financing

    • €8.7bn in financing volume since 2010
    • Loan financing by more than 80 German and international financial institutions
    • 100% performing loans since PATRIZIA was established in 1984
  • Diversified European product offering

    • Multi-fund platform offers clients geographical and asset diversification across investment products
    • PATRIZIA offers products across all property asset classes in all of the major European markets
    • Investments through regulated funds, single asset mandates and co-investment vehicles
  • Investment track record

    • Consistently producing positive and competitive returns for institutional and retail clients
    • Superior returns for value appreciation and private equity investments
  • Asset-Management

    • Integrated pan-European Asset-Management-Team with 90 professionals
    • More than 8.5 million sqm and management of over 700 properties

Track record in financing excellent transactions