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PATRIZIA is well known in the industry for professional investment and fund management. Most importantly, we are a reliable and long-term partner for our clients. We have received many awards for this.

  • Best-performing balanced fund, based on three-year NAV-level returns

    MSCI Awards 2018

  • Deal of the Decade Award 2006 - 2016


  • 5th Place in W. Europe and 13th Globally as Investment Manager

    EU Top 100 Investors 2016

  • TOP Rising Star in 2016

    Feri EuroRating 2016

  • 2nd Largest Real Estate Investor for Value Growth in Europe

    IPE Real Estate 2016

  • The 45th Largest Real Estate Investment Manager Worldwide

    IPE Real Estate 2016

  • The Largest Real Estate Investor in Europe 2015

    PropertyEU Top 100 Investors

  • The Third Largest Real Estate Investor in Germany

    Real Capital Analytics 2015

  • One of Two German Top Providers of Institutional Funds

    BVI 2014