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About Advantages

As Investor

We are also an investor in the European real estate market. With our analysts, we observe the different markets and are always looking for interesting objects for our own portfolio.

Market expertise, investment capital, and value orientation: PATRIZIA as investor

As a real estate investor, we are characterised by a sound market expertise, which allows us to evaluate objects competently. We also cover almost all asset classes. This makes us an attractive partner for owners and brokers.

We know what we want

We owe our market success to a value-oriented corporate culture that focuses on long-term returns. We invest sustainably. And we are committed to long-term partnerships: as an investor, we work together with brokers, project developers, property developers, and operators who pursue the same interests as we do. In co-investments, we become our clients’ investment partners. In this way, we offer them the opportunity to participate directly in the value development of the jointly purchased properties.

We have the means to invest

As an investor, our interest is diverse – whether residential, commercial, or operator-run property in Germany, France, or in other markets. As one of the market leaders in the European real estate industry, we have the capital to invest at any scale. In doing so, we always strive to avoid conflicts between our own investment interests and those of our clients. We always make our principal investments with a view to our clients, who allow to participate in a later project phase as investors.

As Investment Manager

We look back on a long company history and different investments in many European countries. In-depth knowledge of the markets and diverse investment experience make us a reliable partner.

Competent, experienced, trustworthy: This is what PATRIZIA stands for as an investment manager

Our core business is the Europe-wide investment management of residential and commercial properties for institutional and private clients from across Europe. Our excellent track record and the stable and attractive returns we achieve for our clients make us a strong partner.

Trust comes from success

We can look back on a variety of market experiences in which we have gained the trust of our long-standing customers through success. We cooperate with institutional clients from insurance companies, pension funds, state funds, savings banks and cooperative banks, as well as private investors. We work with them in all asset classes and develop individual strategies and tailor-made investment products for them.

Our service is all-encompassing and limitless

We offer our clients a comprehensive service around real estate. As an international investment manager, we also develop pan-European investment strategies. Our team of experts have an eye on all the special features of the European markets in which we are active.

We work transparently

PATRIZIA stands for high transparency standards. As a service provider it is a matter of course, and as a listed company compulsory, for us to disclose our business transactions. In our financial statements, you will learn more about the business situation and our successes.

We offer tailormade and sustainable investment solutions.