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Since 1984

PATRIZIA is your leading partner for global investment in real assets, with over €58bn of assets under management. We offer our institutional and private clients a broad range of attractive investment opportunities delivering long-term sustainable growth.

At PATRIZIA, we have a clear purpose: to build communities and sustainable futures, helping our clients and communities around the world to prosper.

"As a leading investment manager in real assets, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the communities we live and work in. We also have the responsibility to improve the quality of life for generations to come" – Wolfgang Egger, CEO & Founder, PATRIZIA

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The why The why

Since we were founded in 1984, seven core strengths have helped us generate value for our clients throughout multiple economic cycles.

01 Trusted Partner

With nearly 40 years of experience in real asset markets, we have focused on building a partnership of trust with our 500+ institutional clients and 10,000+ private investor clients.

02 Independent Thinking

As Europe’s second largest fully independent real estate investment manager we have the agility, flexibility and entrepreneurial mindset to optimise the opportunities for our clients.* Meet our leaders.

03 Global Reach

Our home is in Augsburg, Germany. Our reach is global, with 1,000+ highly skilled experts based in 28 markets across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Find our locations.

04 Sustainability is Core

As part of our strategy to make a meaningful difference through sustainability and impact investing, we aim to achieve net zero carbon across our operations and portfolio by 2040. Track our sustainability

05 Strong Performance

Our investment products consistently outperform industry benchmarks which, together with our trusted partner ethos, has helped build solid, long-term client partnerships.** Discover our investment strategy

06 Cutting-Edge Insights

Our expert teams, matched with innovative AI tools, produce cutting-edge research and market intelligence to equip our clients with indispensable insights.Discover Europe’s most liveable city

*IREI Global Investment Managers 2022
** INREV fund index over 5-year period showed a 4.2% outperformance by PATRIZIA funds vs. benchmark.

Collaborating for Global Education

PATRIZIA Foundation

Making an impact has always been our aim. And education is the gateway to creating a better future, and at the core of building communities and sustainable futures for all.  

With this in mind, we set up the PATRIZIA Foundation in 1999, to provide access to education and training to children and young people from around the world.

Since then, the Foundation has welcomed some 600,000 children and young people at its 21 children’s houses and vocational training centres in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

At PATRIZIA we believe that all lives are equal.

Sustainable futures

As a leading partner for global real assets, PATRIZIA is aware that real estate is one of the largest contributors to worldwide energy consumption and CO2 emissions that drive climate change. As a real estate expert, PATRIZIA understands its role and responsibility as an investment and asset manager of real estate to create a more sustainable environment by reducing environmental harm and contributing to society in a positive way.

Combined Shape

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Since it was founded in 1984, PATRIZIA has succeeded in evolving into a leading pan-European real estate investment manager. With assets under management of over €59 billion, we are considered one of the top addresses in Europe for real assets. The market will remain dynamic in the future and it is clear from current real asset investment trends that if anything, the requirements of our customers will become increasingly challenging.

  • We say this because we are observing a continual upward trend in their investment volumes. At the same time, their portfolio allocations are rising, as are the number of investments that are reinvested.
  • The bigger and more global investors become, the more they seek to diversify their investments and minimise risk.
  • For investors, diversification is not just about channelling equity into real estate, it is more about investing in real assets.


Given these developments, further market consolidation can be expected:

  • The major institutional investors increasingly want to work with strong business partners in partnerships of equals, also looking for a broad investment spectrum spanning different types of asset classes. The result of this is that the bigger asset managers will grow more quickly than the overall market.
  • Digital solutions and innovation are bringing about sweeping changes in the real asset industry and driving new business models.
  • Introducing the very latest technology is crucial if you want to remain relevant as a partner of institutional customers, develop new solutions for investors and thus add even more value.


We offer a powerful and unique blend of expertise that is as broad as it is deep, which is why a variety of investors turn to PATRIZIA as an independent real estate investment manager.

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Our Culture & People

At PATRIZIA, we make a deal with people that captures everything we stand for, pulls us together as a team and sets us apart from others.

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the who the who

The Executive Committee

Management Team

The PATRIZIA Executive Committee leads a global team of 1,000+ professionals based in 28 markets across Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific.

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Amal Del Monaco

CEO Asset Management & Development European Real Estate

Wolfgang Egger

Founder | Member of the Executive Committee |Member of the Board of Directors | Executive Director

Konrad Finkenzeller

Head of Global Client Solutions

Christoph Glaser

CFO | Executive Director

Bernhard Magg

General Counsel

Graham Matthews

CEO Infrastructure

Mahdi Mokrane

Head of Global Investment Strategy, Research & Investment Solutions

James Muir

Head of Strategic Investments

Philipp Schaper

CEO European Real Estate

Simon Woolf


Asoka Wöhrmann

CEO | Chairman of the Executive Committee | Executive Director

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Our long-term approach is powered by local expertise from our global network of 1,000+ experts in 28 markets across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. We also work in partnership with 40+ boutique operating partners worldwide.


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