Nurturing the right team with the right experience

For over 23-years, our infrastructure team has invested EUR 7bn of debt and equity in more than100 sustainable infrastructure investments.

Today, in partnership with our clients, we manage infrastructure projects in more than 30 locations. The length and depth of our expertise allow us to weather short-term volatility and seek out long-term investment opportunities for our clients. In fact, since our first investment in 1998, we have delivered average returns of 11.9% pa across unlisted infrastructure projects. With our unrivalled combination of infrastructure and real estate investment intelligence, powered by local expertise and big data, we unlock tomorrow’s value. Join us and be part of today’s solutions for a better tomorrow.

Combined Shape


Our goal is to connect global capital with tomorrow’s infrastructure opportunities that benefit investors and communities worldwide.

Working closely with our clients, we find, deliver and manage sustainable infrastructure assets. Our expert teams have more than 20 years of experience (LINK) and leverage investment intelligence using data analytics and on-the-ground expertise provided by a specialist network. We are forward-thinking. By financing tomorrow’s smart, sustainable infrastructure, we protect and increase value over the long term and provide stable cash returns for our clients while meeting the highest ESG standards.


Our global network of knowledge 

Globally we have a team of 900 people on the ground. That means strong deal flow and lots of opportunities to connect investors with high quality, sustainable infrastructure projects. 

Strategies for the future 

We have a track record of launching ground-breaking infrastructure strategies.The PATRIZIA Low Carbon Core Infrastructure strategy is designed to allow clients to invest in infrastructure projects whose positive impact aligns with specific goals set in the Paris accord. And in partnership with APG, we established the world’s first dedicated smart city infrastructure strategy. 

Data. Applied with intelligence.

People power our business. Our decisions are driven by data and by AI. We use a combination of public and proprietary data to identify infrastructure opportunities that drive investment performance – and positively impact our planet. 

A tech-driven business 

Across our entire business we are using technology to create value and drive efficiency. We are managing our processes seamlessly end-to-end so our investors benefit from direct access to all relevant information via a state-o-the-art client portal and a next generation reporting platform. And our broad product and service portfolio offers more investment opportunities for our clients and less risk through balanced risk diversification strategies.

Trust and choice

Our independence has allowed us to build a varied, resilient network of investors from the worlds of private equity, corporate finance and funds of funds. We have a clear commitment that the interests of our investors always come first.

Clients first. Always. 

We invest to meet our existing clients' needs, helping them grow and achieve their goals. That’s one important reason why our clients continuously re-invest.

Independence of thought and action

Because we’re independent, we are free to build portfolios that precisely meet our client’s needs and to provide bespoke financing to entrepreneurs who share our values and our aim – to deliver global low-carbon infrastructure projects.

Our commitment to ED&I

We’ve always recruited our talents from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. That’s how we’ve built a team able to track down exceptional infrastructure opportunities worldwide and realise their value for our clients. 

De-risking with data intelligence

We use data analytics and AI as powerful tools in mitigating the complex risks inherent in different infrastructure projects. 

A great place to work and thrive

We've retained the best professionals by creating a welcoming, inclusive, and enjoyable working culture.


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