Creating better assets, workplaces and communities

We strive to embed sustainability in everything we do at PATRIZIA.

So we manage and measure sustainability across the whole organisation. Fromswitching to renewable energy sources, to living up to social responsibility through impact investing and employer attractiveness, to applying strong corporate governance as a public company.

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For us, sustainability is not just a word, it is a set of values and goals that we live by, every day.

Sustainability is about taking actions that create positive impact both today and in the future. For PATRIZIA it is about creating better assets, better workplaces and better communities. Embedding sustainability, into everything we do. After all, our purpose is “building communities & sustainable futures”. We still have lots of work to do. But we are working consistently and systematically to live up to our ambitious objectives. So, this year we’re determined to take our ESG goals to the next level.


Our CO2 goals

  • Reducing energy intensity by 30% and carbon intensity by 50%, by 2030 across operational assets, from an industry-wide baseline of 2019.
  • Achieve 100% coverage of landlord procured energy data and establish an effective tenant engagement strategy by 2025.
  • Procure electricity from renewable sources for all landlord- controlled supplies by 2025, while encouraging tenants to adopt renewable energy.
  • Develop a decarbonisation plan that applies the energy hierarchy, including feasibility studies for onsite renewable energy, for all assets by 2025.
  • Remove fossil fuel heat sources across the portfolio, where practically feasible, by 2030.
  • Ensure that by 2030, all new developments are net zero carbon.
  • Achieve net zero carbon status for the group's own operations by 2030.

Our social impact

  • Proven track record in developing affordable homes which has broadened to elderly care and child day care and education facilities.
  • Launch of first PATRIZIA impact fund fully dedicated to impact investing.
  • Our New Work concept is implemented company-wide including new designed offices, the introduction of a new Global Mobile Working Policy, and more.
  • ED&I council sponsored by Board members to drive its commitment to gender and wider diversity.
  • PATRIZIA Foundation has helped over 250,000 children and young adults since 1999.
  • 1% of annual operating income - circa 1.5m EUR in 2020 -  to support the PATRIZIA Foundation so every donated Euro goes directly to 100% into project work to provide children in need with access to education.

Our next-level goals for ESG

Leading the way in sustainable investing. We want to become a leading sustainable investor in real assets with a consistent UN PRI 5-star rating from 2025 onwards, and a majority of our assets certified under our Create Better programme. We also want to become a leading global impact investor in the Real Asset sector, with a meaningful part of our assets under management in impact investments by 2035.

Protecting the environment

We’re focused on decarbonising our assets and business activities. We do this through more efficient energy consumption with SMART technologies, by using renewable energy, removing fossil fuel heat sources, and by carbon offsetting.

Getting to net zero

We want to achieve a net zero carbon status across our corporate operations and real assets portfolio by 2040 or earlier, with a clear ambition to execute as fast as external and our stakeholder requirements permit.

Building communities

We take our social responsibility very seriously. After all, we've been building communities, and contributing to society, since 1984 (Link). Our projects always consider their social impact, so we build green spaces and consider affordability and places to socialise in our residential developments. We live up to this social responsibility through impact investing, employer attractiveness, tenant engagement and the support of the PATRIZIA Foundation.

Being an attractive place to work

We want to be the place people want to come to work - the employer of choice - in the Real Asset sector.

Living up to the highest standards

Our ESG strategy is underpinned by a robust, meticulous corporate governance. We’ve been listed on the German stock exchange since 2006. As a responsible public company, we’re a signatory to key international initiatives and apply these standards assiduously. Our products also follow the highest global standards, as defined by industry associations such as INREV.


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