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Next generation living, working and travel.

Next is now with smarter investments.

Our unrivalled combination of infrastructure innovation, real estate investment intelligence and local expertise, unlocks tomorrow’s value through advanced, sustainable living solutions for today’s smart cities.

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Sustainability is something we are totally invested in. We create better assets, workplaces and communities in smart cities through renewable energy and cutting-edge building technology. Our 100% aim is net zero.

  • net-zero across operations and real estate portfolios by 2040
  • being an employer of choice
  • becoming a leading sustainable investor with a UN PRI 5-star rating from 2025 onward
  • Improving life quality and environmental care

For us, sustainability is not just a word, it is a set of values and goals that we live by, every day. 

Sustainability is about creating better assets, better workplaces and better communities. Embedding sustainability, and its ethos, into everything we do.

After all, our purpose is “building communities and sustainable futures”.

We still have lots of work to do. But we are working consistently and systematically to live up to our ambitious objectives.

So, this year we’re determined to take our ESG to the next level.

Creating a culture and business approach that is truly sustainable.

Leading the way in sustainable investing

We want to become a leading sustainable investor in real assets with a consistent UN PRI 5-star rating from 2025 onwards. With a majority of our assets certified under our Create Better programme (Link). We also want to become a leading global impact investor in the Real Asset sector, with a meaningful part of our assets under management in impact investments by 2035.

Being an attractive place to work

We want to be the place people want to come to work - the employer of choice - in the Real Asset sector.

Getting to net zero

We want to achieve a net zero carbon status across our corporate operations and real estate portfolio by 2040, at the latest, with a clear ambition to execute as fast as external and stakeholder requirements allow.

We strive to embed sustainability in everything we do at PATRIZIA. So we manage and measure sustainability across the whole organisation. 

From decarbonising energy consumption, to living up to social responsibility through impact investing and employer attractiveness, to applying strong corporate governance as a public company.

We’re focused on decarbonising our assets and business activities. 

We do this through more efficient energy consumption with SMART technologies, by using renewable energy, removing fossil fuel heat sources, and by carbon offsetting.

Our green goals

  • Reducing energy intensity by 30% and carbon intensity by 50%, by 2030
  • Achieve 100% coverage of landlord procured energy data and establish an effective tenant engagement strategy by 2025
  • Procure electricity from renewable sources for all landlord- controlled supplies by 2025, while encouraging tenants to adopt renewable energy.
  • Develop a decarbonisation plan that applies the energy hierarchy, including feasibility studies for onsite renewable energy, for all assets by 2025.
  • Remove fossil fuel heat sources across the portfolio, where practically feasible, by 2030.
  • Ensure that by 2030, all new developments are net zero carbon.
  • Achieve net zero carbon status for the group's own operations by 2030.

We take our social responsibility seriously. 

After all, we've been building communities, and contributing to society, since 1984. Our projects always consider their social impact, so we build green spaces and consider affordability and places to socialise. We live up to this social responsibility through impact investing, employer attractiveness, tenant engagement and the work of the PATRIZIA Foundation.

  • Proven track record in developing affordable homes which has broadened to elderly care and child day care and education facilities.
  • PATRIZIA Sustainable Communities: first PATRIZIA strategy fully dedicated to impact investing.
  • New Work concept is implemented company-wide including new designed offices, Global Mobile Working Policy, and more.
  • ED&I council sponsored by Board members to drive its commitment to gender and wider diversity.
  • PATRIZIA Foundation has helped over 250,000 children and young adults since 1999.
  • Up to 1% of annual operating income - circa 1.5m EUR in 2020 - is donated to social projects.

Our ESG strategy is underpinned by a robust, meticulous corporate governance. We’ve been listed on the German stock exchange since 2006. As a responsible public company, we’re a signatory to key international initiatives and apply these standards assiduously. Our products also follow the highest global standards, as defined by industry associations such as INREV.

Governance in action

  • Our new Supervisory Board comprises the right blend of skills and experience to support the future development of the business and ensures management consistency.
  • New Board sub-committees are established to align with best practices and demonstrate its commitment to strong governance oversight.
  • We safeguard the highest standards for compliance, sustainability, and security across all our business functions to ensure a proactive implementation across our business.
  • Our Responsible Investment Policy details impact investment criteria.
  • We ensure fair HR policies and procedures; and maintain leading labour standards including health, well-being and safety policies.
  • Signatory of key ESG initiatives: UN PRI since 2012; Official supporter of TCFD; reporting in line with INREV Sustainability Guidelines.
  • Measurement of ESG performance with the well-established Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).


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PATRIZIA shapes the smart cities of the future and offers smart city solutions today. Join us as we build a smarter, brighter tomorrow.

  • providing capital for the development of sustainable urban ecosystems
  • unlocking financial and societal benefits for cities
  • becoming a leading sustainable investor with a UN PRI 5-star rating from 2025 onward
  • investing in the physical layer of digital infrastructure

We are shaping the cities of tomorrow, today. 

By investing in smarter cities, we’re living up to our purpose of “building communities and sustainable futures”.

These smart cities are not just about having the latest technology and digital know-how. It’s about reducing carbon emissions, helping create safe and social places to get together and live prosperous, happy lives, and making cities more resilient to future environmental, social and technological changes.

That's why we are providing the capital to develop sustainable urban ecosystems to unlock the associated financial and social benefits.

Investing in smart cities is a smart decision driven by our environmental, social and governance values and goals that underpin what we do and why we do it.

Sustainability is at the heart of smart cities. 

Assets that are energy-efficient, low in greenhouse gas emissions and have a future proof design benefit tenants and the owner-operators and our clients.

Our goal is to reach net-zero carbon status across our corporate operations and real estate portfolio by 2040.

Our business now incorporates both infrastructure investments and pure-play real estate. In fact, we’re the first investment manager to establish a smart city infrastructure strategy.

Our infrastructure team allows us to actively promote responsible capital allocations to support the estimated $14trn cost to fund the 2050 global energy transition agenda.

We’re also working closely with our tenants to encourage more sustainable living. We’re gradually rolling out best-in-class smart building technology to help tenants lower their energy bills and carbon emissions at the same time.

Building smarter cities doesn’t always mean more buildings. It’s about using existing assets and infrastructure more efficiently and effectively.

Addressing the carbon embodied in building materials and inherent in the building process is vital. After all, it amounts to 11% of global emissions.

We’re reimagining and repurposing Brussels’ landmark office building, The Louise, to meet the needs of a post-pandemic workforce.

We’re stripping down the facade and technical installations but maintaining the superstructure and concrete slab – saving around 8,500 tons of embodied carbon. This reduces the carbon footprint by 50%, compared to an average office build of the same size.

We’re also recycling all materials where possible, saving a further 1,500 tons of carbon emissions.

The project will also create 1,500 square metres of new green space.

Smart systems will run all of The Louise’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing and security functions. This will reduce energy consumption to 90 kW sqm, compared to 200 kW sqm for average Belgian households.

Shaping smart cities of the future is not just about the sustainability of buildings or the innovative use of technology.

We think smart cities consider the people and societies that inhabit them.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering sustainable communities.

This is more than just improving the communities that live or work in one of our assets. Rather it’s about supporting and sustaining the broader community for the long term.

Investing in a smarter society


Our flagship open-ended pan-European residential strategy focuses on sustainable community creation.

All living Cities homes are within walking distance of amenities, such as, green spaces, kindergarten, schools, sports facilities and supermarkets.

The strategy is rolling out ESG initiatives that ensure landlords procure energy from 100% renewable sources. Smart metres are being rolled out across the whole portfolio and green lease clauses added to all new tenant leases.


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We unlock value potential with our rare combination of infrastructure and real estate investment intelligence, backed by big data and 1000 on the ground specialists in 27 global locations. PATRIZIA’s infrastructure approach

  • €5bn infrastructure AuM
  • digital infrastructure, de-carbonisation & energy transition, water and environmental services, social infrastructure and transport
  • expertise, broad portfolio offering and global footprint means attractive long-term investment opportunities

Working closely with our clients, we find, deliver and manage sustainable infrastructure assets. 

Our expert teams have more than 20 years of experience and leverage investment intelligence using data analytics and on-the-ground expertise provided by a specialist network.

We are future-focussed.

By financing tomorrow’s smart, sustainable infrastructure, we protect and increase value over the long term and provide stable cash returns for our clients while meeting the highest ESG standards. 

Our goal is to connect global capital with tomorrow’s infrastructure opportunities to benefit investors and communities worldwide. 

Over 23-years, our infrastructure team has invested EUR 7bn of debt and equity in more than100 sustainable infrastructure investments. 

Today, in partnership with our clients, we manage infrastructure projects in more than 30 different locations.  

The length and depth of our expertise allow us to weather short-term volatility and seek out long-term opportunities for our clients. 

Our commitment to ED&I

We’ve always recruited our talents from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. That’s how we’ve built a team able to track down exceptional infrastructure opportunities worldwide and realise their value for our clients. 

A great place to work and thrive

We've retained the best professionals by creating a welcoming, inclusive, and enjoyable working culture.

A global network of knowledge 

Globally we have a team of 900 people on the ground. That means strong deal flow and lots of opportunities to connect investors with high quality, sustainable infrastructure projects. 

Because we’re independent, we are free to build portfolios that precisely meet our client’s needs and to provide bespoke financing to entrepreneurs who share our values and our aim – to deliver global low-carbon infrastructure projects.

Funds for the future 

We have a track record of launching ground-breaking infrastructure strategies (Link). The PATRIZIA Low Carbon Core Infrastructure strategy is designed to allow clients to invest in infrastructure projects whose positive impact aligns with specific goals set in the Paris accord. And in partnership with APG, we established the world’s first dedicated smart city infrastructure strategy. 

Clients first. Always. 

We invest to meet our existing clients' needs, helping them grow and achieve their goals. . That’s one reason our clients continuously re-invest in our infrastructure investment strategies. 

Trust and choice

Our independence has allowed us to build a varied, resilient network of investors from the worlds of private equity, corporate finance and funds of funds. We have a clear commitment that the interests of our investors always come first.

People power our business. Our investment decisions are driven by data and by AI. We use a combination of public and proprietary data to identify infrastructure opportunities that drive investment performance – and positively impact our planet. 

De-risking with data intelligence

We use data analytics and AI as powerful tools in mitigating the complex risks inherent in different infrastructure projects. 

A tech-driven business 

Across our entire business we are using technology to create value and drive efficiency. We are managing our processes seamlessly end-to-end so our investors benefit from direct access to all relevant information via a state-o-the-art client portal and a next generation reporting platform.

And our broad product and service portfolio offers more investment opportunities for our clients and less risk through balanced risk diversification strategies.


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