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Given the challenges our cities face in the 21st century, we should be less focused on creating smart cities from scratch and more on ‘smartening up’ our existing cities.
Mahdi Mokrane
Head of Investment Strategy & Research


Our cities face significant challenges driven by four underlying global megatrends -- urbanisation, demographic change, digitisation and decarbonisation.

Our clear goal is to create greener, more liveable and better-connected communities and help build sustainable futures for generations to come.  PATRIZIA is a crucial enabler for smart city infrastructure and smart buildings. The simple examples below will help you explain to externals how PATRIZIA is improving smart city infrastructure and smart buildings.

PATRIZIA is ideally positioned to address these  four megatrends by building smarter cities and  smarter buildings. See how ...


Through our investments in renewable solutions, PATRIZIA is addressing the megatrend of decarbonisation.

• BioLNG can cut fuel costs by up to 30% and CO2 by at least 20%.¹
• At full capacity, our BioLNG plant can fill up around 50,000 trucks or enable one truck to travel around the earth almost 3,000 times.²

1) Source:
2) Source: BioMet and based on an Iveco Stralis truck with one tank
In Italy, we acquired Biomet, a company that generates BioLNG (liquified natural gas) from waste for heavy road transport. BioLNG is much cleaner and significantly lower in C02 than diesel.

This investment adds to existing assets in three energy-from-waste facilities and district heating in Norway.

In our cavern storage facilities in Germany, we are testing the storage and transportation of green hydrogen on an industrial scale – which could dramatically sink the costs of the energy transformation.

Further information:
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Press release – Biomet

We provide essential social infrastructure in cities and make up the shortfall in government funding

• The number of Europeans over 65 is projected to grow from 100 million to 150 million over the next 30 years, driving the demand for long-term private elderly care.
PATRIZIA Infrastructure runs Kinland, a social infrastructure company in the Nordics, providing highquality properties for government-backed care services in Nordic countries.
Kinland owns 277 properties to care for more than 23,000 people, including child daycare and the elderly. Social infrastructure will be increasingly in demand as governments cannot meet the social needs of a growing and ageing population.

Further information:
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PAT Cast

Through our investment in Liftango we are helping remove cars, which are a significant source of greenhouse gases, from city roads around the world

• There are 1.4 billion motor vehicles on the road globally – if we take half of them off the road, we save 3.5 billion metric tons in carbon each year.
Liftango is an Australian company that aims to take 20 million vehicles off the road, saving 30 million kilograms of CO2 and eliminating 80+ million kilometers driven by vehicles.

Liftango is a workplace-based software that promotes car and transport pooling among companies employees and offsets carbon emissions generated through commuting and business travel.

New builds are often more carbon intensive than refurbishing.¹


• The refurbishment of the Louise aims to achieve circa 75% less embodied carbon than the 2030 Climate Challenge Targets of less than 750 kg CO2 per square metre set by RIBA, the internationally renowned Royal Institute of British Architects.

• That is an embodied carbon saving equivalent to carrying out approx. 4 Louise office refurbishments versus one new building of equal size.

1) easac: Decarbonisation of buildings
2) World’s longest established method for assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings

The Louise, our iconic 1960s Brussels office landmark, with 37,000 m2 across 24 storeys, is being refurbished to the highest ESG standards, targeting net zero carbon and an Excellent rating from BREEAM..²

Significant CO2 reductions for PATRIZIA

• Saving of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 , compared to the high standard set by the German Sustainable Building Council, DGNB – equivalent to the carbon emissions from 2,000 petrol-powered cars over one year

• Additional 1,500 tonnes of CO2 were saved – equivalent to the energy used by around 200 homes a year – by stripping out materials from the building rather sending to land fill

Further information:
Real Insights Hub

With our Entegra Building in Barcelona combines modern smart sensors solutions with traditional cross-ventilation techniques to keep users cool and dramatically reduce energy costs.

• In Spain, buildings absorb 29.5% of final energy consumption, below the EU average of 38.1%, due to a milder climate.¹

1) Odyssee-Mure
Smart cities can be cooler cities by applying old wisdom.

In Spain, the highest cost of an office building during its life is energy for cooling and ventilation. Our Entegra building uses traditional cross-ventilation techniques to achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost.

The powerful building management system uses sensors to measure temperature, humidity, wind, pollution and noise. When conditions are right, the system prioritises fresh air by opening windows during nights and days. The result is a near-zero energy building (NZEB).

Further information:
Real Insights Hub

Predictive maintenance anticipates when components may fail, allowing for preventative repair so an asset can stay running almost indefinitely

• People across the globe spend around 12 million hours stuck in elevators every year, equating to 1,300 years, before being rescued.¹

1) UpTime
Through our smart buildings platform Ambio we offer a solution called ‘Aufzugshelden’ that enables asset managers to detect problems with lifts before they occur.

Sensors detect problems before they become serious issues. This solution can save around 15% on lift maintenance contracts, and reduces the time that lifts are out of use.

Further information:
Real Insights Hub

By combining Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in buildings with artificial intelligence, we lower energy consumption by up to 30% per building.

• Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy and are responsible for a third of its greenhouse gas emissions.
Through our Ambio smart building platform, we are combining Heating Cooling and Air Conditioning (HVAC) controllers in our buildings with Artificial Intelligence. This powerful combination allows us to automatically adjusts lighting, ventilation and heating according to the weather forecast.

This cuts costs and reduces operational carbon emissions while increasing the value of assets. We are implementing this technology in several countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, with multiple partners.

We launched our first impact fund this year to build affordable homes for middle- and lower-income people.

Housing costs overburden around 80 million Europeans, and more than 75 million are socially isolated.¹

1) Source: European Commission
PATRIZIA’s Sustainable Communities Fund is using its seed equity to build 800 social and affordable apartments in Dublin, Ireland, where around 60,000 people are on the waiting list for social housing.

In urbanised areas around Europe, there is a need for more apartments and social infrastructure like healthcare and education. We strive to create sustainable communities targeting key workers such as nurses, police and teachers in up to 25 main European cities.

Clear social and environmental indicators are part of the strategy around three themes: affordability, green real estate and inclusion and connectivity of people living in the communities we invest in.

Further information:
Real Insights Hub

Big logistics companies demand hubs that are net zero carbon and provide them with EV charging stations from green energy sources.

• In the Netherlands, PATRIZIA has installed solar panels on all its 600,000 square meters of available logistics rooftop space, generating green energy for its tenants that could power over 15,000 family homes.
PATRIZIA has 6.3 million square meters of available rooftop space on its logistics warehouses. We have smartening up these buildings in the Netherlands by letting the available roof space to expert solar power operators who act as new tenants and can provide 100% green energy to vehicles. Logistics centres in Belgium, France and Germany are next.

PATRIZIA’s initiative not only helps create net zero operational carbon buildings, but it also provides our logistics tenants with the option of using 100% green energy, plus we can generate an additional income stream from tenancy agreements with our solar power operating partners.

Combined Shape


Sustainability is something we are totally invested in. We create better assets, workplaces and communities in smart cities through renewable energy and cutting-edge building technology. Our 100% aim is net zero.

  • net-zero across operations and real estate portfolios by 2040
  • being an employer of choice
  • becoming a leading sustainable investor with a UN PRI 5-star rating from 2025 onward
  • Improving life quality and environmental care



PATRIZIA shapes the smart cities of the future and offers smart city solutions today. Join us as we build a smarter, brighter tomorrow.

  • providing capital for the development of sustainable urban ecosystems
  • unlocking financial and societal benefits for cities
  • becoming a leading sustainable investor with a UN PRI 5-star rating from 2025 onward
  • investing in the physical layer of digital infrastructure



We unlock value potential with our rare combination of infrastructure and real estate investment intelligence, backed by big data and 1000 on the ground specialists in 28 global locations. PATRIZIA’s infrastructure approach

  • €5bn infrastructure AuM
  • digital infrastructure, de-carbonisation & energy transition, water and environmental services, social infrastructure and transport
  • expertise, broad portfolio offering and global footprint means attractive long-term investment opportunities



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