WiredScore: Tenants expect quality connectivity

23 / 02 / 21 - 1 minute read

In today’s digital business world, nothing is ever fast enough. From running e-commerce platforms and delivering online services, the internet underpins most core business functions.

However, many businesses only discover after signing a long-term lease that their new office has low connectivity capacity, offers little choice of internet service provider and provides no resiliency in case of accidents.

“While connectivity is a key aspect of many firms’ calls for proposals for new premises, it is still surprising the number that do not even think about it until they begin their move to the new offices,” says Martin Odenwald, Associate Director of Asset Management Offices & Hotels DACH & CEE at PATRIZIA.

Given the central role of connectivity to business, it makes sense to certify buildings as being future-proof assets so tenants know what they can expect from their new offices. It also provides a measure of quality that can help own building owners attract new tenants.

"For us, having a WiredScore certification is an extra stamp of quality concerning the properties we manage"

WiredScore, a company with which PATRIZIA has strategically partnered, is the leading rating scheme for digital connectivity in both commercial and residential buildings. WiredScore certification identifies buildings as having been independently certified to provide best-in-class connectivity, infrastructure and potential to upgrade as businesses expand.

“For us, having a WiredScore certification is an extra stamp of quality concerning the properties we manage,” says Odenwald. “Many of pleasantly surprised at having such detailed information and pass it onto their IT departments to ensure the connectivity is known and managed ahead of the move and opening.”

Increasing numbers of the properties PATRIZIA manages are receiving WiredScore ratings. Altogether, 19 properties across Germany and the United Kingdom have WiredScore ratings – up from six in April 2019. Three of these are residential buildings, including the recently certified Leona and Charlotte Apartments in Dublin.

Another 33 buildings in the PATRIZIA portfolio are either undergoing certification or certification renewal, including the Louise Tower in Brussels


Greg Langley