REPORT: The Case for Recovery

24 / 08 / 22 - 1 minute read

Grade A, sustainable assets will outperform in a polarised market.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the seeming stability of the office sector has been shaken by changes in working patterns and office needs. Previously a sector with relatively robust
occupational fundamentals thanks to a moderate supply cycle and low vacancy rates, views amongst market players are now more mixed.

It is our conviction that high-quality, sustainable assets in the right locations (i.e., future-proof assets) are set to remain one of the bedrocks of core institutional portfolios.


Dr. Marcelo Cajias

Mahdi Mokrane

Radu Mircea

Whilst the end of a 5-day in the office social norm does not signal the death of the office, its function is set to evolve. Companies will increasingly strive to offer the right workspace for collaboration and interaction, as well as a place to strengthen corporate culture.