PATRIZIA secures independence of BrickVest as global and open industry platform for real asset investing

BrickVest connects institutional and private investors with real asset investment opportunities

  • BrickVest provides a global open digital investment platform for real asset investments with the strong competitive advantage of AIFM full scope and pan-European regulatory authorisation 
  • BrickVest remains independent and encourages all industry players to engage and expand the platform offering, as well as strengthen transparency for investors and the entire industry
  • With this investment, PATRIZIA continues its strategic global innovation and technology activities to further support the industry transformation


Augsburg, 3 February 2020. PATRIZIA AG, the global partner for pan-European real estate investment, has acquired BrickVest, the London-based global, digital investment platform founded in 2014. PATRIZIA will promote the further development of BrickVest as an independent and open industry platform connecting various investor groups with deal sponsors and product providers.  In addition, BrickVest will have access to PATRIZIA’s global industry network including more than 350 institutional investors and industry partners and over 200 banks & financial institutions worldwide.

“We are convinced that BrickVest has the potential to become the go-to global and independent industry platform of choice for real assets,“ said Wolfgang Egger, CEO of PATRIZIA. “Therefore, it is essential for us that BrickVest remains independent and provides full transparency, convenient access as well as much broader choice to all investors. We will ensure that BrickVest has access to our deep industry knowledge, broad investor network and expert market intelligence which makes the platform even more attractive.”

“BrickVest’s platform approach and technology offers significant benefits for investors and the wider industry,” added Dr Manuel Käsbauer, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at PATRIZIA. “It directly connects investors to a wide-ranging and easily accessible portfolio of real asset investment solutions from different investment firms. Our clear goal is to engage more industry players and to attract a broad variety of real asset investment opportunities to the platform.”

With BrickVest PATRIZIA continues its investments in technology companies that provide innovative and disruptive solutions to foster the development of the real assets industry and provide more attractive investment opportunities.


BrickVest remains an independent platform

BrickVest connects institutional, (semi-)professional and private investors with multiple real asset investment opportunities by various investment firms. The platform offers a broad range of ticket sizes, capital structures and regional real asset investments. In addition, BrickVest provides an attractive marketplace for debt solutions for real assets and the financial services sector. Automated features to analyze and choose investments support investors in their investment process. Thus, the global platform gives investors convenient and fully transparent access to a broad set of real asset investments and provides developers, owners and managers from around the world with debt and equity financing opportunities.

In addition, investment managers will gain insights on investors’ expectations and sentiment, based on the data generated on the platform. Founded in 2014, the BrickVest online platform is fully running and successfully closing transactions. In recognition of its proven operating model and the company’s deep technological expertise, the management and operations of BrickVest will remain completely independent from PATRIZIA and the platform will continue to be open to all types of investors and sponsors.


PATRIZIA continues technology investments

This latest investment adds to PATRIZIA’s increasing engagement in innovative technologies, including investments in AI platform Cognotekt; data management service provider EVANA; WiredScore, the global rating scheme for digital connectivity across commercial and residential real estate; and control.IT, the market leader for asset and portfolio management software in the German-speaking region. “We have a strong partnership approach with our technology investments, as we believe open collaboration is most effective in supporting the establishment of industry solutions”, Käsbauer concludes.



About BrickVest:

BrickVest is an online platform for real estate investing for investors and deal sponsors (real estate investment firms, portfolio owners, operators and developers). Professional clients can invest in pre-vetted real estate investment opportunities online through a simple and secure website by creating an account, selecting an investment, signing legal documents and funding their investments. Sponsors which are companies in charge of finding, acquiring and managing real estate assets can raise equity by filling out an online application, creating an account and finalising due diligence requests.



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