PATRIZIA posts strong transaction growth with EUR 8bn+ signed in 2019

Signed European transaction volume up by over 20% year on year

  • Confirms PATRIZIA’s leading position in delivering on investment execution for its global clients
  • More than two-thirds of signed transactions in 2019 are acquisitions
  • Around EUR 20bn in transactions in the last three years to deliver performance

Augsburg, 27 January 2020. PATRIZIA SE, the global partner for pan-European real estate investment, has signed over EUR 8bn in transactions in 2019, of which more than two-thirds were purely acquisitions and a majority were sourced outside of Germany, the country where the company has its global headquarters.

PATRIZIA confirmed its activity  in the European real estate transaction market by growing its signed transactions across real estate sectors for its thematic investment strategies from EUR 4.9bn in 2017 to EUR 6.8bn in 2018 and now to more than EUR 8bn for 2019. In the last three years, PATRIZIA has signed around EUR 20bn in real estate transactions for its domestic and international clients of which the majority were acquisitions.

Philipp Schaper, Head of European Transactions at PATRIZIA, said: “This latest major growth in our signed transaction volume is testament to our strong deal-sourcing capabilities. Thanks to a strong deal pipeline and a truly pan-European network of PATRIZIA real estate experts across our 19 local offices, we have a proven track record in sourcing investments which deliver performance.”

From the more than EUR 8bn of transactions signed in 2019, over half were outside Germany with the Nordics, France & Italy together contributing approximately a fifth of the total transaction volume and the rest generated from Ireland, the UK, Spain and Portugal.

Of the more than EUR 5bn in acquisitions signed by PATRIZIA in 2019, the commercial sector made up the largest segment (around a fifth), followed closely by residential (around EUR 1.5bn).

The volume of signed acquisitions for 2019 rose by more than 50% compared to 2018.

Among the approximately EUR 3bn signed disposals of last year, the commercial sector made up the largest single segment in terms of volume (over half).

Parts of the PATRIZIA transactions signed during Q4 2019 will close during Q1 2020. The company will post its preliminary financial results for 2019 on 18 February 2020. On 19 March 2020, it will announce its final full-year financial results and annual report for 2019.



PATRIZIA SE has been active as an investment manager in the real estate market across Europe for more than 35 years. PATRIZIA’s activities include the acquisition, management, repositioning and sale of residential and commercial real estate through its own licensed investment platforms. As a global partner for pan-European real estate investment, PATRIZIA operates as a respected business partner of large institutional investors and retail investors in all major European countries. PATRIZIA manages more than EUR 42 billion of real estate assets, primarily as an investment manager for insurance companies, pension fund institutions, sovereign funds, savings and cooperative banks and as co-investor. For further information, please visit: