PATRIZIA investor survey 2022: Investors focus heavily on decarbonising their assets and want to increase their share in impact investing

PATRIZIA has released the results of its 2nd annual PATRIZIA investor survey, based on the opinions of its institutional client base.

  • 76% of investors capture ESG data – an increase of 18% vs. last year – and want to decarbonise their investments
  • Almost half predict that they will measure the social impact of their assets by 2027
  • Around a quarter intend to grow their share of investments in impact investing
  • Survey shows high level of engagement among investors with myPATRIZIA investor digital portal to access their data


Augsburg, 30 June 2022. PATRIZIA, a leading partner for global real assets, has released the results of its 2nd annual PATRIZIA investor survey, based on the opinions of its institutional client base[1]. The results show three growing trends for institutional investors in the ESG / sustainability space:

  1. 1. A growing focus on measuring energy consumption and GHG emissions in order to reduce the CO2 footprint of assets
  2. 2. The ‘S’ of ESG will become more prominent for measurement and investment decisions
  3. 3. A significantly growing interest in impact investing

As of today, 76% of investors surveyed capture and use ESG data for their real estate investments, an increase of 18% compared to last year’s survey. In measuring ESG, investors focus on decarbonisation strategies. Sixty-nine percent told us they plan to measure the energy consumption of their real estate investments within the next 5 years, 66% (compared to 60% in last year’s survey) will track direct CO2 emissions (Scope 1), 39% (compared to 30% in 2021) indirect CO2 emissions (Scope 2) and 32% (compared to 17% in 2021) CO2 emissions along their value chain (Scope 3) – with 17% stating to already have a decarbonisation roadmap for their portfolio.

Mathieu Elshout, Head of Sustainability & Impact Investing, at PATRIZIA, said: “The level of commitment we see here in this survey among our clients to decarbonise the built environment which after all accounts for 40 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions really impresses me. It is encouraging that our investors expect us to take the lead in decarbonising their investments. We at PATRIZIA are already pursuing a clear and robust ESG strategy, with support from our investors, that aims to go beyond the international legally binding 2050 target by achieving net zero carbon across our portfolio by 2040 and a 50% carbon reduction by 2030.”

In addition, the survey results show that investors plan to pay more attention to the social impact of their investments and intend to grow the share of investments that generate environmental and social impact alongside financial returns. According to the survey, 47% expect to measure the social impact of their real estate investments within the next 5 years, while 23% plan to grow the share of impact investments and 21% are even willing to accept a “financial discount” to generate social and environmental impact.

Mathieu Elshout commented: “Many of our investors are considering a move into impact investing. Our impact investment strategy that we launched earlier this year is perfect for anyone who wants to see a dual return, both on the financial and on the ESG side.”

PATRIZIA’s impact investment strategy was launched in February 2022 and supports affordable housing, social inclusion, and environmental targets. The strategy aims to raise EUR 500 million in equity and has recently invested in a social and affordable housing development in Dublin, Ireland.


myPATRIZIA – the growing portal for PATRIZIA investors

About 80% of the survey participants use the myPATRIZIA investor portal at least once per month.

PATRIZIA launched the portal aimed at its institutional clients in June 2020 as part of its digitalisation strategyand is gradually transferring all its fund data, reporting, and clients to the portal. Today, already more than 2,000 individuals from PATRIZIA’s institutional clients and more than 5,000 semi-professional and retail clients are connected to the portal, for which PATRIZIA continuously improves services, features, and provided information.


PATRIZIA: A leading partner for global real assets

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[1] The 2nd PATRIZIA client survey was conducted via PATRIZIA’s investor platform myPATRIZIA between March 31 and April 19 with 107 respondents.