PATRIZIA GrundInvest retail funds pay out an average of 4.4 percent to investors

PATRIZIA announces a better-than-forecast round of distributions, despite two years of the Covid pandemic, for private and (semi-)professional investors.

  • All 15 funds make payouts to their investors in 2022
  • 12 of 15 funds are performing to or ahead of plan
  • Special payment for "Helsinki" fund: investors receive a total of 10 percent thanks to special effect
  • Two residential real estate funds in distribution with planned total returns of 4.5 and 5.0 percent.


Augsburg, June 14, 2022. PATRIZIA, a leading partner for global investments in real assets, announces a further a better-than-forecast round of distributions, despite two years of the Covid pandemic, for private and (semi-)professional investors. The retail funds were launched in 2015 and are managed by its subsidiary PATRIZIA GrundInvest.  

All 15 retail funds will make payouts to investors as of June 30, 2022. In terms of the cumulative payouts, 11 funds are performing above plan, 3 funds are slightly below plan due to Covid-19 and 1 fund is on plan. The average payout of the funds will be 4.4 percent.

Joachim Fritz, Managing Director of PATRIZIA GrundInvest who us responsible for portfolio management: "We are pleased that in these two difficult Covid-19 years we have succeeded in managing our retail funds in the interests of our investors in such a way that we are once again able to pay out at least the forecast distributions for three quarters of the funds."

Andreas Heibrock, Managing Director of PATRIZIA GrundInvest whose responsibilities include sales, adds: "Investors in the 'Helsinki' fund will be particularly pleased. Due to a special effect, investors will receive a special payment of 5.5 percent in addition to an ongoing payout of 4.5 percent, for a total of 10.0 percent."

PATRIZIA was already able to report a similarly positive announcement at the end of 2021. At the time, the 84 apartments in The Hague/Voorburg belonging to the "Den Haag Wohnen" public fund were sold ahead of schedule. After the liquidation of the fund, the total return for investors is expected to be up to 198 percent before taxes, which corresponds to a distribution yield of up to 18.6 percent per year in some cases, depending on when the investors joined the fund.

Two residential real estate funds "PATRIZIA GrundInvest Europa Wohnen Plus" - an AIF with a European focus - and the special fund "PATRIZIA Europe Residential Plus", which is aimed at (semi-)professional investors with an investment amount of EUR 200,000 or more, are currently being sold. The funds' planned total returns are 4.5 and 5.0 percent per year, respectively.

In addition, the placement of the new retail fund "PATRIZIA GrundInvest Heidelberg Bahnstadt" was launched recently. The fund, aligned to Article 8 SFDR of the European Union, invests in a mixed-use property in Heidelberg and aims to achieve annual payouts of 4.0 percent before tax on average, with a planned total return of 4.5 percent before tax by the end of the fund's term. Investors can invest in the fund from as little as EUR 10,000 (plus front-end load).