PATRIZIA accelerates its global growth ambitions with appointment of Asoka Wöhrmann as CEO Designate and Slava Shafir as COO

The Board of Directors of PATRIZIA SE, a leading partner for global real assets, announced the appointment of Asoka Wöhrmann as new CEO Designate of PATRIZIA SE and Slava Shafir as new COO.

Asoka Wöhrmann will become new CEO Designate effective 1 May 2023 responsible for the development of PATRIZIA’s global real assets platform, the execution of the Company’s strategy and the expansion of PATRIZIA’s global footprint. Previously Asoka Wöhrmann served as CEO for DWS Group, a publicly listed global asset manager with over EUR 800bn AUM globally, which belongs to Deutsche Bank Group. Asoka Wöhrmann will assume responsibility immediately and become sole CEO after a short transition period to lead the next growth phase of PATRIZIA’s expanding and diversified real assets platform.

Founder and CEO Wolfgang Egger will support the CEO Designate for a short transition period and afterwards focus on existing and future strategic client relationships and the strategic development of the Company also as a member of the Board of Directors. He will remain fully committed to PATRIZIA as founder, majority shareholder and member of the Board of Directors.

Slava Shafir will be appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) effective 1 June 2023 to drive development of business operations, IT and Fund Services, and ensure efficient operations of PATRIZIA’s international product portfolio. He joins PATRIZIA from Corsair Capital.

Following the end of his term as Co-CEO Thomas Wels will continue to support PATRIZIA as senior advisor with a particular focus on Asia-Pacific and Japan.

The appointment of a new CEO and COO marks the next step in driving PATRIZIA’s global growth ambitions after the successful SE conversion and the establishment of a new management structure and leadership team in 2022.